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i dont care if it stupid funny sad glad angry as long as its POETRY

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i hear them singing..the vast voice that surronds the me...the sounds manifests itself to light..the light that shall peirce the darkness everlasting..

i hear them screaming.. the voice that surronds me..it is afriad and hates my light..

the light is always there guiding teaching..

the darkness is with me destroying making me forget..forget.. forget..

the light reminds me....

the darkness only manifests itself into himself physical body preaching of the darkness...

but he has not forgotten my light..the light proves it wrong!as my light preaches of itself..

my light is strong!and the darkness will only wither as it shall and always will be...


my fears is not of the darkness it is of the light..for i find myself in darkness holding on to my perpetual light...light... life....



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Guest unknown

here is sit, broken hearted

came to shit, but only farted!

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i'm bored.... and poetry sucks...


i was the substitute for your mother's midwife and i was like hut hut hike,

threw two incomplete passes followed by a touchdown and a spike

i swat mc's sisters on the ass til their lungs expunge fluid

get that oxygen to the brain and they still end up stupid

i drop science like proctor & gamble, got my doctorate at rap school

leaving my name on major organs like a vandal, in the e.r. rockin sandals

i prick feminine ninjas with cupid's name brand syringes to get them love stung

kill artificial intelligence with one hit like shang tsung listening to wang chung

i get inventive when i incinerate your little hipster art portfolio

every word i speak wreaks crosstown beef like the last words of malvolio

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