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just a place to bitch for one moment...


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ok..im sick of seeing "etch bath" topics...that shit is fucking getting old now...every day it seemsl ike 100 of them get started..... then the fucking cop threads...then the fucking dumb questions like which paint is better... WHAT THE FUCK.....and then the even dumber threads like "how can i improve" you improve by putting in work and time in your shit....too bad not many of you are smart...or you might take a minute and figure things out on your own instead of being lazy as fuck and just ask other people who you hope know the answer to your idiotic questions....its like alot of people on here want to learn graffiti from the internet..and not by putting in work or whatever...go try some shit for yourself....

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i only go to two placves on this board. the bench.. and channel zero.. i no longer go to any of the other ones because its so fucking repetitive with the etch bath and the krink and the 'how do i apply ink/paint to any surface' type questions.. it just makes me want to kill you.

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I am tire fo today...today has just sucked minute after minute. I am tired of hating the fact that I hate myself and thats reason why I hate every fucking person I see..I am fucking tired of getting on this board and reading shot posted by some egotistical eccetric toy talking about how even though they have been writing for 7 hours they think they could beat "insert famous graff writers name here" in a battle. I am tired of the fact that I can NEVER find any musi to satisfy my moods anymore..the closest I have com eis the new radio head and anything by elliott...part 2 of my bitch fest will come soon if I can't fall asleep.

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  • 20 years later...

Lol. I was for sure certain one of these comments had just been eating away at this dude for the past 20 years. Like he just tosses and turns at night thinking ‘I have a right to ask questions! This is a graffiti board after all. Everybody thinks I’m stupid now!’ 

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12 minutes ago, fat ralphy said:

That 20 year shit fucking insane - I wish there was an official clock for each profile. I wasted hella motherfucking time here. 




Me too!
been a member for 6,536 days 

this is my 10,000th post.



That's an average of 1.52 posts per day for 17.9 years.

do wish I could graph out the real stats to see my real usage over the years - if there was a "total time on site" function it would be be pretty confronting


Edited by Schnitzel
took a screenshot of my 10,000th post
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16 hours ago, MOOGLE? said:

@Dirty_habiT where else am i gonna be able to shitpost at social justice warriors just to watch them panic after they realize my profile picture is legit after calling me an alt right nazi incel?


You sho right.  My bad.


Man, SJW videos and feminist cringe compilations were some of the more glorious memories of watching youtube videos.  I always find it funny to white knight other peoples' problems as if to say you don't have something of your own that is maybe a bit more pressing to worry about.  Like how do people make time to be faggots like that to others?  Amazing.

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