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If this is TSC niggaz posting the miami flix, tell me if your one of the cats I met at pro-am 99, that had flix of mine and my boys flix from the 80s. If so, i need to get in touch with you. Dont post any here, I want them for a special project.


Mek / Mecs AIM Crew is NOT the same Mek CBS from L.A., although MEK AIM did move to cali for a while, and then back to miami.


Glad to see the AIM Crew (my old enemies) doing it again. Trust me, i was tempted to crush all that shit last time i was in miami. But I let them live cuz they represent the Old School Miami.


Abomb quit in 94.



Kool Dash 167


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:D fuk is this shit yah posting shit thats been gon since 98 why dont yah post shit thats new post the new walls that are runnin....fuck this old memory lane crap..... half of those writers dont write anymore.... or they gone to diffrent states........ corn balllsssssssssssss.............lets show them the shits thats runnin now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lick: :lick: :lick:

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Guest ikueism

opinion cloumn


ummm...what happend to miami?

like where did it go wrong.....no no my mistake why did all of a sudden miami become so "heated"?

i mean there are still people rockin shit from bombs to legals,but not ass much as before.no one really talks about this ,but miami got soft cus i remember everything had grafffiti on it.im not telling people to do shit,but dam man there are few writers who do shit still... i get dissapointed when i hear people talk shit bout one another when in fact ,the reason they talk shit to each other is over some dumb shit......people need to start thinking of way to settle difference and plan out more missions' .... who cares if it is fuck it .its not like ur doing anygood to the 'community'....big ups to all these cats rocking shit and to those who still rock it.....and to all those who just cant do it but still have an eye for it.


imma try to find a way to put some fliks on this board.

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