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tfp ris aok are the top for me. case2 is one of my all time favorite writers. much love and respect to him. thank you for all the good work you put in..

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KASE 2 TFP King of Style


This article was posted by Mare 139 1 hour, 14 minutes ago.


Thanks for all concern from fans and close friends, for brother King Kase 2 is not well, lets pray for a speedy recovery and support this iconic talent for his contributions to the graffiti style writing culture. It is artists like Kase 2 who have enabled a whole generation of artists not unlike myself to break from traditional style into a more modern complex lettering theory based on computer technology, this was pre mass computerization. His classic ‘computer rock’ style can be seen in the works of many of todays top writers from coast 2 coast and across continents. This is a tremendous legacy for a young kid from the South Bronx who just wanted to get up and evolve into a great painter. Kase 2 comes from the traditional NYC School of Hard Knocks, he rolled with legitimate players and top writers like his partner BUTCH 2 both were part of TFP -The Fantastic Partners one of the top 5 Style Writing crews in the history of subway graffiti. Its members included legends such as SOLID 1, KINDO, HYDRA, SLUG, DERBY as well as SENTO.


I grew up admiring Kase 2 and Butch 2 they were the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of graffiti, both admired, respected and feared. I met Kase 2 around 1978 at writers bench when I was still learning the ropes, by that time I had already been familiar with many of the top style masters and legends of the culture and he was an icon I wanted to meet. Being so young I believed I got my credibility by rolling with my crew of older writers that included my brother KEL 139, CRASH 1, GEORGE, NAC 147, KID 56, FACTKA, DONDI, DURO and others. We all used to meet up at the Sam Esses studio in those days as well so I became even more familiar to him. Kase 2 lived in the projects on Jackson Ave which was not far from where I was on Brook ave. By late 1978 Kase had already put down the paint but continued to develop a new style in the following 2 years that is the origin for the ‘computer rock’ style. I began painting with Kase 2 in 1980 at first at Gunhill road layup for a night that was unprecidented in the history of graffiti, the crew that evening included a reunion with BUTCH 2, KEL 139, CRASH, COS 207, SHY 147, SEEN UA, PJAY, and a few others. The productions that evening were incredible, instant classics but what was most memorable for me was to be painting side by side with both THE FANTASTIC PARTNERS. It was a unique evening that was soundtracked by the bumping sounds of the infamous T-Connection Club below us.


I went on to paint several more whole cars with him on the 2 and 5 line and as well on the #1 Broadway line. His ability to paint with his handicap developed into a strong and power muscle of expression, knowing no boundaries or limitations, you could only imagine what it was like to be painting with him, scaling trains and ducking and diving from cops and work bums. I always felt safe with Kase 2 he is a physically strong guy also best of all he was well known wherever we rolled. I recall spending days at his moms crib with him and he would show me so many old styles he had and collected from many of the top writers. It was in these times I learned about style history and RIFF 170 in particular, he was also versed in how one talked about style, he had a colorful vocabulary and so did the culture.


He was truly the originator of todays 3D wild style, he just didn’t really have the painting style like todays modern writers. One can see how evident this is in the drawing he was working on in the film Style Wars. The last time we painted was in 1985 when I painted my last two pieces, one for KEL and later one for SHY 147, I ran into him in the one tunnel when I took my boy CHOCI from the UK and my then 10 year old brother BIZ 138 who painted onto of my shoulders all evening, very much how I started with our older brother KEL 139. Kase 2 was just rollin up into the layup because he smelled paint while he was riding between cars on the uptown train, this was a tactic us writers used to gage activity in the layup. Once in the layup he got paint from me and others like Kaze and the FBA crew. He gave me props for bringing my lil bro to the layup and for hitting up my crew mates, this is something he would also do with younger writers over the years who would become partners, notably SEEN TC5, and AGENT.


We would later see one another in the hood or at jams, by 1985 he disappeared for a while. I would in later years connect with him at events and most notably at the Part One TDS opening at Tuff City Tattos in the Bronx. I have a treasured photo of me KASE 2, Butch 2, PART, STAY HIGH 149 and my son, does it get better than that? He would go on to discuss my work as a sculptor and how he was proud of my accomplishments and the BET Award, to me this is heartfelt stuff considering he knew me since I was a very young kid. I would see him appropriately at the BAM Style Wars screening where we both acknowledged the years and the success of the culture.


In writing this Im putting energy into prayer knowing how blessed his life is and how much influence he has had on a whole culture both as an artist and personality. The brother is an Oxen, he was built strong, so I remain hopeful for his recovery.


-Kase I remember you kickboxing with your boy BEAR 167 on the Writers Corner bridge that the day many of us knew you were no joke.






There it is.

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super duty tough work




August 14, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

I am deeply saddened by this news of Case passing. I’ve been friends, and inspired by him since we first met at Writers Corner 149 St. Case along with Bear167, Rib and Vine MTA. We all took a ride up to NOGA where I first got my true taste of the world style. There I met Kade 198, Team 5, Dee3 all rocking dope styles on paper, and canvases.


I was honored to be one of few to share in Case’s personal life, dinning with his mom and spending time developing styles before going out to bomb. To sharing many trains at famed locations like Esplande, the 1 tunnel and Gun Hill Road. No one could bring so much liveliness to those moments, from just plain freestyling to hardcore lyrics to distinguish himself as the King of Style.


Thank you for the friendship, inspiration and respect to be called king along with you as I rose to the level I am today!


Rest in peace my brother, my prayers go out to you and family in this painful hour.



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Real Electro-Magnetic King.

I woke up this morning to find that Kase 2 had passed away.


I thought it would only be appropriate to take the time to explain Kase 2's importance to graffiti and to me personally. For those of you who read Super Duty Tough Work and are not familiar with graffiti or the documentary Style Wars the actual phrase "super duty tough work" comes from one of Kase2's numerous quotes in the film. You could even argue that Kase2 IS that movie. His quotes and scenes are what made "Style Wars" so entertaining. In a close second place would be Cap with his "N*ggas know" line, but that line ain't even close to touching any of Kase's superb quoteables.

Kase2 did more for the sub-culture of graffiti and style writing in that film than a lot of people realize. Probably the most obvious being that he made the viewer want to BE a graffiti writer. I'm sorry if that statement sounds lame to you, but that is the truth. You read any interview from some of the best writers in history and usually their story starts with something along the lines of "My friend showed me 'Style Wars' on vhs," or "I saw 'Style Wars' on PBS one night and that's when I wanted to start writing," that is how nearly every one of their writing careers starts. So if "Style Wars" is the point of entry for most writers and Kase2 is the stand out writer within the film then you could say that Kase2 is probably a starting point or style catalyst for decades of writers. Obviously, that is not the case for every great writer, but the logic is solid none the less.


Out of all his famous quotes I think the best is when he succinctly summed up THE reason why people write graffiti:


"People look at a person, what you write on trains? Oh, you vandalism and all that. Yeah I vandalism alright, but still in general I know what I'm doin. I did somethin' to make yo eyes open up. Right? So why is you talking bout it for?"




And there is the quintessential definition of why people do it.


He is simply saying "Yes, I vandalize, but I know what I am doing. I did something that made you look. That is why I did it."

There are a lot of personalities within the sub-culture that is graffiti, but there was only one Kase2. I never met him, but I knew many that had and thankfully he was documented on film so that future writers can continue to be inspired by his style and maybe even more importantly his gift of gab.

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Very sad my condolences to his mother she loved her Jeffry so much.


Im a 90s writer and cant speak on oldschool but I can tell you.. he never stopped, even in his older years.. walls freights cleans whatever ALWAYS DOWN


I Met Kase 2 in 98.. Me and my partner Xide went to the now extinct North NJ freight yard and seen a crew in the yard.. We crept up and it was Kase 2 along with Cavs Sien 5 and a couple other heads from the Bronx. We clicked and soon after I would be taking trips to the projects and sitting in his kitchen eating and drawing.




I had the PRIVILEGE of painting two clean trains with him. The first one we was in the also extinct Central NJ NJTransit yard. Half way through our pieces a workebum popped out of the train, I slipped under the train and Kase just walked right passed him said hi like nothing happened. Ill tell you he had heart I couldnt convince him to leave.. Kase said, "let him do what he do and we do what we do".. so I climbed up on a bridge to look out while he continued painting. Eventually vehicles with workerbums start rolling up and before you know it there were over a dozen of them on the other side of the train and Kase 2s legs are showing it was broad daylight. I figured I had to get him out. I go back in the yard and try to convince him to leave but he wouldnt budge. Fuck it I took a picture of him and we spent anothere half hour finishing our pieces with a dozen workers aware of what was going on and got over no problem. We basically had to walk out in the open in front of them to leave the yard




The second clean was at the vandal squad headquarters the 180th yard. Snuck through some private homes jumped a fence and walked the track... 10 minutes into our panels the doors open and a worker with a short afro pops his head out the window and says, "yo"... Kase keeps painting..again, "yo what are you doing?" At this point Kase 2 loses his temper, "maaan lissen do what you do we doing what we do" This time I was able to convince him to leave but only after he bashed the workbum questioning why he couldnt mind his business.. it was hilarious he called the workbum a mommas boy and a house negro.Let me remind you besides him having only 1 arm he also wore a plastic leg since his childhood so he wasnt a fast runner but we got over. Amazing that he had THE MOST STYLE and painting massive wholecars with these conditions...


Youll be missed Jeffrey I wish I would've went on more adventures with you. Kase was always down NO FEAR ...RIP


Klas Unico CTA... TFPs

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Nice stories Klas... Jeff's mom passed away earlier this year. The last piece he did was a tribute piece to his mom on the train at Tuff City in Manhattan a few weeks ago...


Rest in Piece Jeff, you will be missed by many!!!!



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SENTO: This train was dedicated to Kase 2, who I believe was locked up at the time. You know when you inflate your tires with the pump? Well I am inflating my O with the T air pump. Word. My S in neon lights, got to plug it in.


KAMI: Maybe it was the first time he took me to the ghost yard, we ended up doing an end to end, on one of those red cars, I really like how it came out, I love how pieces look on those red trains![...] Sent did one of those pieces in which he does whatever he wants [...], the piece came out mad! The car came out nice, real nice, but in the middle of doing the car, Sento leaves. Sometimes he would do that to go check shit out, make sure we were still good. [...] Time was starting to pass, and he was still not back, so I start walking around to see if I find him or something strange – maybe vandal squad was around and he was hiding somewhere – I had to be extra careful not to get spotted. So I walk around, and I don’t see shit, go back to the car, and while I’m going back, I’m checking under the trains. When I reach our car, I see him lying under the next car, sleeping! Nigga just went to take a nap! I wake him up, and he’s like, ‘Yo, is something wrong?’ I’m like, ‘Yo, get your ass up, finish the piece and let’s get the fuck out of here!’ [...] He’s like, ‘Yo, I’m gonna rest a next half an hour, I’ve been pedaling all day, I’m tired man, do your shit, we’re good.’ [...]So I let him sleep for five or ten more minutes, while I would look out and continue on my piece. When I was ready to outline, I woke him up, did my outline, and I did another small panel on a next train while Sent would finish...

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Cavs Case2 SB1 (1998) runnin through middle america around c.2002


"Kingdom Islam, Nation Of Gods, for I am the one that rock so far - ALWAYS rocking the jazziest car, like dat - knowhutumsayin"


1998, The Bronx. I met Case2 one night in 1998. I went up to Cavs house and he was like "yo, you wanna paint a freight with Case2?" dumb question. An hour or 2 later, Mone came through with Case2. I have had the pleasure of meeting some true legends in my day and got to hang out with some real heavyweights in the grafiti game, so its not often that I am star struck...but this is Case2. I was overcome with angst. Shaking this mans had was like meeting a God. When you think of guys like Sento and Stak legends in theor own right, and how much influence they have had on world graffiti - and then knowing they were influenced by Case2, it puts shit in perspective. Almost indescribable. After the greetings were exchange we began to plan our mission. Cavs and Mone were saying Del-Monte was in so the decision was made. Deep inside, I was mad reluctant because if your average freight spot is hot, this spot was the sun. a while went by and we were off to the spot. We packed into Mone's car and were off. We get to the spot and there is a set of steps that goes up to the lay-up. However, there is also a security guard in a car parked right infront of the steps. me, Cavs and Mone look at each other like "oh shit - what do we do now???" Case2 looks over at the security guard and is like "yo FUCK that dude" we going anyway. the three of us are like naaah, man we'll come back later. If i remember correctly Mone had to work the next day so he couldn’t hang, but me Case and Cavs came back a few hours later. no security guard so we parked and went for it. as we get up to the steps, its about a 200 yard walk down the tacks to the trains. case had about 30 cans in a bright yellow Herman’s sporting goods shopping bag. he's like Yo Cole, could you carry my paint. Now normally, im like git the fuck outta here - but this time, this night, with this man - i agreed, without hesitation. We get to the train and there is only one car - a yellow UPFE reefer. its already like 3am so we dont have much time. we start painting and i was so scared I decided to just paint a simple SB1 on the door. it looked horrible. Case and Cavs painted the left panel over the numbers...some toys already had the right. my piece came out horrible. on the one hand I wanted to show up since I was with the King Of Style - but on the other hand - I was shitting on myself thinking we are gonna have to bolt at any second. As it was, we finished just as the sun was coming up. We wrapped it up and left…got away clean. After dropping Cavs off, I took Case2 back to the South Bronx – to the same high rise apartments he was living in, in Style Wars. We chatted it up quite a bit on the ride home. He told me he had family in Georgia and how he liked the south. And about how he just got out of jail and showed his P.O. photos of the freights him Mone and Cavs had been rocking. Then some old jams came on the radio and Case2 began to kick some freestyle. Not like some MC battle shit, just mellow rhyming on timein type shit. Homie was mad charismatic and had the gift of gab – in addition to being a master stylist.

Without question, this night in 1998 was the highlight of my graffiti career. I never saw or spoke to Case2 again. Its crazy how a period of a few hours can mean so much. I will never forget this night – chilling with Case 2, having him bless my black book, carrying his paint, standing next to him painting a train, having him freestyle in my car on the cross Bronx expressway. For the brief moment I knew him and got to speak with and chill with him I learned he was definitely not no sonny!


Rest In Peace Brother Case2, you spirit will forever live within us all!

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EROS 1998 with Blade and Case 2


Painted in 1998 at Merit Printing in Minneapolis, Mn. Freestyle. Painted with a large number of writers at an event thrown on by a local arts organization that flew in Blade and Case 2. I was fortunate to hang out with and paint right in the middle of those two legends. Growing up seeing Style Wars and reading many books on Graffiti Art and Subway Art, I was always amazed and respected the work by these two pioneers. To have the opportunity to hang and paint with them was nothing short of a dream come true. Both of them were real cool cats and even under the pressure of many viewing eyes of intrigued writers, managed to come off and hold court. Blade and I rapped about everything from working in the union to the women in our lives. (Which by the way, he is no longer with Delores) A real humble down to earth guy that would probably give you the shirt off his back. He rocked this piece that he did in 1973 on a subway train in New York. It was pretty incredible and in all stock tips. He rocked it off of one of his old photos. He also rocked a character next to it. Then the master stylist of computer rock funk, Mr. Case 2 rocked the piece on the right of me. He was a witty ass dude. Always rockin' out like he was in Style Wars. Rappin', Singin', Groovin', Dancin', all while he was painting. Not to mention talking to each and every lady that walked by and kickin' that Old School Charm. A real cool cat with a real busy mind and the most insane master technician when it comes to the spray can. We really hit it off as friends and comrades in the game. I think it would be impossible for any writer to not appreciate what both these Homies did for the artform. This day in particular was the last day that they were in town. They had pretty much been busy with the art school that had brought them here for the most part. So, I didn't get to hang out with them and build as much as I would have like but it was all good. Case 2 had come back another time. This wall was also painted with like 20 other writers from the city and other places. One of those days that really just seemed like everything fell into place. If you notice in this piece, I have a bunch of little lines with arrows coming off them, all over the piece. That was a little Technique that Case 2 had given me as a style move. At the time, Ces out of NY was doing a lot of things like that and I was always careful not to do things like that because I didn't want anyone to think I was biting him but Case 2 talked me into it by saying that he was the one that had given that move to Ces. Now I don't know if he was full of shit about it or not but if a guy like Case 2 gives you a move, you don't question it, you just appreciate it and rock it the best you can. Also, one of the things that a lot of people don't know about this production, was that I actually finished Case 2's piece and background for him. They were running late and had to catch a plane and he asked me specifically to finish his piece. He said normally he wouldn't do that, he'd just let it ride unfinished but he felt confident that I could rock it right. So, I finished it the best I could and was humbled by the honor by the honor bestowed upon me. All he wanted in return was some finished photos of his piece and production sent to him in the mail. We corresponded for a little bit but you know how that goes over time. Either way, it was a great day and one I'll never forget. Thanks to the Art school for setting that up and thanks to Blade and Case 2 for being some down ass homies and coming all the way out to Minnesota to flex some skills and teach some up and coming youth about the artform they helped create. I'm sure it was an experience that the kids they taught really appreciated and won't forget. Good times!

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RIP King Case2


I remember painting with Case in 1997 in the Bronx on Fordam rd with Tats cru and a cat from France named Ceet...

I was painting on the ladder and Case was painting under me.. I was trying to be on my A game and i was nervous.. but Case made me feel welcomed.. showed a young brotha love.. homie had mad jewels and knowledge in abundance, G..


Rest in peace.. homie was a true king.


*pours out some of my henny..



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