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This article is about some bullshit the police pulled in Chicago. Who knows it might be happening here...My point is that the NUA crew didn't do anything to anyone from the time being said the beef was over...Me and you met Kam at that jam and back then we didnt have any problems and the NUA crew had no problems with anyone there either. Ask yourself this, why all of a sudden would there be beef between people?? The NUA crew mainly sticks together without dealing with other writers. Shore went over Cue cause he thought Cue maliciously went over Velcro. A mistake, but either way, Shore didn't line or do crappy fill ins over Cues shit that was running. Shore pieced over everything that he went over Cue's (which were fill ins). Still a mistake, but...a piece goes over a fill in/throw up and a fill in/throw up goes over a tag....


I think someone is going over your shit and perpetrating it is the NUA crew...or the cops are doing it...and if it is new stuff you did since the PEACE post, then it definately wasnt me. It might be Richie trying to get you hyped to help him diss shit...I dont know, it wasnt me or my boys so dont fuck with our shit......think of it from your own aspect...everyone in NUA has put in at least 3 years worth of work and you have put in less...why would we want our shit gone over by you?and if you know for certain it was someone from NUA who dissed you, handstyles and all...ask for my email and Ill give it you and we'll work something out...


Peace again...

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^^^^That is real fuked up!!! But it also got me thinkin, a couple pages back intercity was talking about seeing eva wich he ment eua tags over peoples shit! I'm down and good friends with all the others and not one of has touched someone elses shit with an eua tag? And then I actually saw a worm fr8 crossed out with an eua tag, I'm not about to dis worm much less the rest of my cru, so maybe something going on????

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Fuck Your Yankee Blue-Jeans!


A lot of times I sit and think about all the time I spend breakin toys in my yard. Shit really makes you wonder how could 1 man dictate the freights with such dominance that no other writer would dare even look him in the eye without trembling. Thats when I know its true..That ive really done what most just dream about, That I am The Freight King! But I try and stay humble.



The Freight King

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Originally posted by jack frost

yo bundy...i can't see shit...are you using fotango? for some reason, i can't see anyone's flix that are hosted by fotango, and i wanna see these!!



Yeah im using fotango, im not really a big fan of it but its the only free server I know of, I will email them to you tonite...peace

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