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INDY 500

Guest da wizzard

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jar jar.. minnesoldier and I brought MERC etch bath from minneapolis last year.. it was when ATOMIK was hosting some MC battle at the melody.. the first e.b. in indy was done on that night on illinois st.... i think some of it is still riding too..


and indianarail.. you're right about that cue spot.. i mistook the methodist lightrail tracks for the pinball ramp.. my bad.............

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Nice Flicks...... Cue, Drat, Kam, Chad, and Mos have been killing it.. Lucy and Merc have been getting loose with the tags too..... i wish i was motivated enough to take advantage of the blizzard.. i can't say that i noticed anyone that did.. missed opportunities.. anyway, i must say the city is accumulating graff at a greater rate than it is losing it.. the city has far more to look at than it ever has before.. good shit........ keep tearin it up..........


and start postin flicks....

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Alotta hot shit in here since last time I checked...Was in Louisville over the weekend and saw a Rich, Cue, and SN freight thats posted in here somewhere...And a bunch of Kade throws...Good to see we finally got our first hater...I thought it would be a local, guess I was wrong...Oh well, nothings forever...Peace to anyone putting in some winter work...

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oh shit........... the city has been getting crushed this week........ people are starting to take advantage of the snow........ street fill ins, pieces, throwups, tags, rollers popping up everywhere.. thanks to all beautifying the streets.. breaking up the monotony......

vinny.. i have no idea what you're trying to say, but there's a grip of beautiful spots.. if you've got style and originality bring it.. the city could use lot's more... but we've got plenty of negativity, so if that's all you can bring to the table stay seated on the couch...

more flicks coming soon...





.... You know you want to.....

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There's 2 CUE (s) in MIAMI FLORIDA, but they aint active, It don't matter, not like they're going 2 INDY, or like CUE from INDY is coming to Miami.


Ohh theres a very respect writter in MIAMI that writes up MOS, he's done the craziest shit, toped that list for FLORIDA.


Also GS, which ya know as GS or GSouth, his original tag is GEAS from STV, GS are just his initials, but he's been doing GSouth, its a writter originality. He's From FLORIDA also, along with CHISME and others.


GASP don't have to change his tag, but it'll just be a waste if he does GS throw-upps on FR8's.

Much props 2 all ya up there, do ya thing, be BOLD in da COLD, cuase it's getting hott down here. from da south. peqce

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