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15 Signs He's Great In Bed

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short guys? huh... i guess if you want some little midget dicked dude bangin away like theres no tomorrow... go for it... i however, to quote my man suga dick daddy mista lawnge from black sheep 'i like to put it in fast then i drag it out'


blah, im hung over... wheres cuddeling? you know i got game like iverson


[This message has been edited by seeking innocence (edited 06-10-2001).]

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Originally posted by seeking innocence:

wheres cuddeling? you know i got game like iverson




Hey! I was talking to you know who and he was telling me all about his road trip. He's coming to LA first, so we might go to the Bay together. See ya soon! http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'>


And remember... "big things come in small packages". Not that I would know anything about that, but ya know.

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I am all those things and more..

To tell you the truth all the girls I've been with juice me like there is no tomarrow!

squirt squirt..

i will lick your tits while rubbing you leg(the one over my shoulder)and from you tits I will make my way up to your neck and to your lushish lips just to go down and softly bite your side to give it a sucking "i'm sorry kiss" while im moving with you every body movement to the ever mood swing of sex..

I please to please myself...

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Originally posted by conan o brien:

hahahhahahah can't forget the sandwich,,




haha you dissapoint me conan. you usually were THUG and pronounced it sammich. I am all of those except i dont bite my nails. And I sure as hell am not short. (High five to Seeking.) And that list is pretty accurate about what guys want. You forgot licking our ears and ass. haha jk.

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Guest dBUSH

Lets see, my mom breeds dogs, My dad cooks and would feed me his experiments. I'm 5'10", I love the night life and like to boogie as well. I may not wear pink shirts but my own sense of simple elegance is not to be denied. The last girl I was with insisted I show her exactly how I kissed her again (and again). Im not real sure about thew first one though- I like to sit with my back to the wall, Im paranoid as fuck in restaurants. Zemon is right though... if I'm as good as Cosmo says then PLAY WITH MY BALLS AND QUIT CALLING THEM UGLY!!!

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Originally posted by *ZEMONEDOE$:

fifteen ways tose if a man is good in bed

by,some lady.

fuck that.

4 things to pleez a man.


1.suck his dick

2.play with his balls

3.make him a sandwich

4.dont talk so much


hahahehehehahahahahahahah i was up til fuckin 2 or 3 the other night cause that shit came on just when i was about to go to sleep. kills me every time though.

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number 16: his name is boogie hands.....woop, woop!!!

serously, those things are complete bullshit, i have no idea who writes those but i doubt they are based on any fact whatsoever. shit, aside from the culinary part and the dressing nicley i didnt qualify for any of them and i can safley say.......I AM A LOVE MACHINE!!!!



brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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there is sooo much you can say about guys being good in bed but only few about the broads..why is that?


can you girls "MILK" a man?


"I want my children to grow up in a enviorment where the Bangol Tiger is not just some sex position I invented in the 70's."

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Yeah I just posted this for fun. I think a lot of these things are pretty irrelevant to how guys really are in the sack. Besides, I wouldn't want to bed someone just because he bites his nails or faces the wall at a resturant...

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. i dont bite my nails..

i dress like im from britain(for instance.. right now.. im wearing an adidas jacket that is white.. the sleves are blue.. theres i red line where the white and blue meet.. blue/red lines on the pockets.. um.. tight jeans.. like.. 'loose fit' i guess.. and rowley (vans)shoes.. yeah.. britain.. (i dont know if thats good or bad.. you decide)

i like to sit by myself.. but watch whateveryone else is doing.. who the fuck wants to face the wall at a party?

im not sure about the y thing.

my dog died.

is 6'0 short?

i eat the taco.. but i wont eat just anything (food wise)

i have no idea about posture.

i dont like people touching me or vice versa.. unless we are having sex.

people say im funny. i laugh almost all the time at the funny noises that come from sex.. but uh.. if someone spills something on me im not gonig to laugh at it.

i rarely have money.. but when i do have money it goes to paint and music.. is that spending wisely?

ive had mixed feelings about how i kiss.

um.. some people say i can dance good.. but.. im white.. so.. they are probably lying.

and now im done..

and now i ask myself why the fuck i wrote all this.

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