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I figured my comments would be better suited in its own post.

I dont even think these political related discussions are serious anymore, but Im bored so Ill put my 2 cents inn. Although I am disgusted in bush and any fool who supports him and his bullshit war, I do believe that all this crap he's pulling is actually gonna help AMerica wake up and get more conscious. In that I mean, he's gonna fuck shit up so bad for us that people are gonna get pissed off and actually do something about it, hopefully especially minorities and the poor. It seems that people are already getting pissed off and the whole country is beginning to get very heated. Although the media will try their best to keep everyone in that whole "everything is fine" frame of mind you can somewhat feel the tension in our citizens developing. I think all the recent protests on him and his policies are a good start. Even if you disagree with me the fact that this topic makes you think about amerikkkas current situation is a good start. But dont be a pussy and stop when you turn off the computer, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Educate yourself on the issues(and not just the conservative or liberal point of view, think critically) and try to make a change. I live in a city overwhelmingly latino and poor, yet none of them do a fucken thing about it so these rich devils basically fuck us in the ass 24/7. I hope all this nazi like warmonger FTW crap Bush and his friends are pulling wakes people up,maybe a revolution wil start in society which will make people do something for a change. If youre on the same vibe as me then heres a lil info to make you think-

- The Iraq war we will soon start is estimated(which means it will cost much more) to run us 100-200 billion dollars. At the sAMe time our economy is going to shit, thousands are being laid off and tons of social programs and offices are closing down. The cost of one plane could provide healthcare for over 100,ooo people.

- A war is the best way to divert a country's attention from the real domestic issues, and the war with Iraq is unnecessary.

- The best way to continue blowing our tax money on defense spending is to keep people ina perpetual state of fear. The CIA and other military branches now admit to overexaggerating the communist threat in order to keep us spending billions on the cold war.

- The cold war ended long ago, yet the govt has never cut military spending when there is no need. This war is a new reason to spend our money. Bush has no qualms about blowing billions of dollars on military actions(and I dont even mean Iraq yet) but he continuously warns congress how they need to be extremely stringent on spending for social programs and education. I spent some time in the military and I aint never seen any indication that the marines,army,etc are falling apart due to lack of funding, yet go to any public school(generally where its mostly minority or poor students) and youll see tons of fucked up shit due to lack of funds.

-Bush talks a lot of rhetoric about how he's against terrorism, and its his mission to defeat terrorism yet our own country owns and operates a multimillion dollar school to train various people from around the world( including known *gasp* terrorist states) on various terrorist procedures and training from bomb making to causing civil disturbances to incite riots to torture, etc. Our government has also funded numerous terrorist groups to furthe american interests including death squads in central and south America.

- Isnt it funny how bush sees foreign policy as black and white yet he has stated various times how his own accounting practices are not"black and white". Even though accounting is mathematics which generally has no gray areas, whereas foreign policy is an extremely complicated issue.

I could go on for years, but anyways. Whether you agree or disagree with me, go out andeducate yourself on these issues. Of course my opinion is biased, Im not perfect. Just do me a favor and turn off the TV and get your info from a book or periodical and not fucken fox news at 10.

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esai - read my shit in the other thread...i'd like to discuss this shit more with you, you seem to have your head on straight...even though i may not. i get all hot headed about this type of shit, but i still like discussing it, so nothing personal if i say some shit that really pisses you off.



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Aye nonhetero, why dont you go down to santa monica and get beat into a coma by a few homophobic black fools. fucken waste of a fairy

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nonhetero you loser. go back to selling your self to old men in gay bars.


word Esai.


Very educated words. The fact that the goverment went into a hissy pissy bitch fit over some pres. getting a blow job vs. this motherfuckers admin. letting our nation be attacked, scaling back our civil rights, and trying to put is in to war is a travesty of justice.


Its unbelivable that we are being ushered in to a war like this.


for common senses sake, if those fucks are building weapons of mass destruction, then blow that shit up or take it out with out having to take over the entire country in the name of "presidential corporate controlled oil intrest regime change"


man fuck that shit. that motherfucker told the UN to go fuck them selves pretty much.


and on top of that!






im going to the movies.

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no, its not pointless. its fostering educated view points with people who have concerns about the rapidly declining economy and civil liberties and those who do not see the massacre of thousands of humans at the hand and decision of a few who have never served in the millitary at all.



hey fuckhead...yeah you down there in the response below me.


either contribute somthing worth while and educated or express your personal opinion in an articulate manner, or stay the fuck out of the topic.


its not a hard concept to grasp.

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way to stoop to the personal attack level dog.


youre cool.





thats why i say its pointless. hardly ever is it actually intelligent conversation. half the time its two or more kids pounding away on the keyboard with some half assed opinion battle with a few insults thrown in to put some emotion behind.






like calling someone "choder". or saying something like "what are you a fucking idiot? you do/dont support bush?"


off choze's nuts. my girls got first dibs.

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