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Guest Sket One


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Guest Sket One

RIP mos def.

tight pics of his very tight work

im sure there's 100's of more things that he has done that I have still to see.

so RestinPower and i've always have liked that crew ever since i saw it in the video's a few years ago. i think it was EMIT. and i forgot the name of the other artist.

************yo SKET************

whats that thc, that crew, are you in it.

from what i see i think you are../

what state, and where did it originate, and name at least some others if you can, peace out LOVE

...thats right.......

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Guest Sket One



Well I know there are mad crews called THC.


one in NY and others that I have seen.


The one I'm in originated in Boston 1991 and then ended up in CT.

It's members are: Eros, Kem, Seac, Sket, and others.


so it's put up to be up but my main crews i run with all day long

are BLT-HI

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Guest emit_df

much love to Eroc and cromag..... Huge infleuence to me starting out. Those guys took me to do some sick bombing..I always had to drink to keep the nerves down. they were off the hook. Eroc would be hanging off highway signs on the west side....

ahhhh....the good ol' days....I miss those guys.

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Core 2 IMOK


Just thinking back on the time Cromag got hit with a broom stick by this Korean Deli owner because he put his pet ferret down on the deli scale to rack two 40 oz. of Ballantine Ale, and he was holding the ferret in one hand, and fending off the attack with the other, laughing the whole time... and started wondering....where the @#$%^&* is Core 2 IMOK. That cat used to role by the one room shack I shared w/ Cromag and smoke me up until I couldn't stop laughin'. It's been tooooo long since I've seen the court jester. Anybody know where I can find him ?? I'll send you a jpeg of some flicks you've NEVER seen before as a finders fee !!

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I was at a hemp fest in Washington Sq. park in NYC and this dude was drawing

in a blackbook. I saw him again about 15 mins. later and went up to him and

said "That piece looks alot like Cromags style." It was a Rachel piece I believe.

He said "Yeah, I write Cromag." But I didn't really hear him. So I kept on about it.

Until my friend Amy had said "He said he is Cromag!"

I was blown away. I felt like such an ass. He turned out to be the coolest Muth Fucka ever..

Got us 40's and smoked us out. Told me storys and everything.

Thats what I remember. I never met Eroc but I grew up in Norwalk

and remembered that the town buffed this huge Abuser throwie with the upside down A

the next day he had died. I thought that was fucked up. He also had the dopest

throw up on this big ass watertower back then.

Anyway, yeah.. IMOK crew Boston to NYC

Mad respect forever..

Belroc IOF crew..




^^^Check this out... Eroc's Little sister wrote something here to Emit^^^

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