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Tyler Durden

5 movies.

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good choices so far. some i have added to my need to see list. i used to really not like watching movies, i am suddenly getting into it. just wanted to add 1 of my faves:


apocalypse now

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1.) Dawn of the Dead- My opinion the ultimate movie- only Romero has the talent to mix action and horror without it coming off gay like some stupid movie made just for action figures.


2.) Mystery of Chessboxing- Yes it is an amusing old kung fu movie, but it really struck a cord with me after I saw it and it was 5 bucks on canal street so...


3.) A Clockwork Orange- Great Movie, Even better book.


4.) Death Wish 3- We all have a little "I don't give a fuck if I shoot this guy" Charles Bronson attitude in us all. And with the Death Wish series past it's prime, all kinds of ridculous shit happens like Bronson ordering missle launchers throught the mail and and a gang member named "The giggler" What the fuck gang would call on of their heads "The Giggler"?


5.) Scarface- yes a very popular movie, but it relates to me because I don't trust anyone and I dont have any friends- Everyone thinks im an asshole.

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WEEKEND -- French shit. Dope.




A CLOCKWORK ORANGE -- Tough to front on. Trendy for a reason.


RAN -- Kurosawa. Say word.


SPELLBOUND -- Hitchcock was way too ill.

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