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i want to start my own business

Guest mopius

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Guest mopius

i was thinking of starting a graff/skate/snowboard shop in my local town...there's only one place that sells graff supplies here and no one likes it. there are skate shops here, but i think i could make out well...i could also sell pipes and porn...i think i could really do it, but i would need some starting money...

has anyone done anything like this or know anything about it that could help me out??


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i think im going to start my own business. freinds for rent. seriously think how many nerds and fat ugly people would pay to hang out with the genetic elite such as myself? im gonna be rich. p.s. if you are in the boulder denver area and need a friend....my rates are as follows: $100.00 per hour. (no public places), $200.00 per hour public places, excluding theatres and resturaunts.(coffee houses excluded also). P.s. There is no love involved. you try to touch me in any way shape or form, you DIE. email me at:


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You're probably going to have to get a loan from a bank for such a thing. I think for something like that you should be clean shaven and you have to pressent them with a solid idea that is going to make them their money back. In owning a small business i was told by a wise small business owner, what makes your business so special that it should succeed. THis means go around, scope out your competition, find their weaknessess and make your store better in every way.


I was once thinking about opening a clothing store in one of those small towns where their biggest store is a walmart. Country bumpkins want baller clothes to damnit.



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