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otto dix

miss monica, wtc's butcher

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simply put...fuck what you heard. all you chumps know is that left is right and right is bad. i'm just getting a little sick of all you jokers up on here being all shitty face ill mouth. we are losing the little culture we have left in this country to the bleeding heart liberal rhetoric. YOU will be the fall of the united states...then the muslims can have it. hahaha, then you wont even be able to bitch about "amerikkka" or george bush "the dictator" (do you know excatly what a dictator is? no? not surprised) on your silly little graffiti website. instead you can slash women's throats in front of children in the name of the koran (its the muslim holy book for those who dont know, i call it a comic book). to spit on this country is to spit on our father's and grandfather's names...their blood and tears that went into building a free world for YOU. are we that bored? is life THAT bland that we feel the need to self implode? because we are. we are getting tripped up and tripped up hard. tonight the president gave a speech to entire country. a considerably weak speech. he spoke of tolerance for an entire 7 minutes. tolerance? i didnt hear any of our enemies speak of tolerance. nope, i heard about killing the infidels, americans. "oh, well its okay. as long as we are tolerant it will be okay." its not okay, its a bit frieghtening. countries that we literally pulled out of the mud in previous wars (uhhhh the french) are turning a cold shoulder to a country that has supported them time and time again. liberal papers across europe are tearing us apart. they hate what we have. they are jealous of everything america has worked for. YET, there are some of us tonight taking out mom's SUV, hitting dad up for a couple bucks, talking shit on the internet , and openly discussing this upcoming and sadly unavoidable war...and it feels fine, becasue we are allowed to do these things. BUT remember how rome fell. piece by piece, shot for shot...the same way it was erected. so when you are all cozy in your bed tonight, think that this may not last forever. your security is in jeapordy. it may change drastically in our lifetimes alone. dont be naive, we were naive on sept. 10. we are getting soft. get tough. fuck bill clinton, monica was world trade center's butcher.ah, fuck it..as long as we are painting right? forget i said anything. goodnight.

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that was a good post, america is the best country ever the strongest when we want to be and the most considerate when we shouldnt be , for once in my life i have to agree with something that snoop dogg of all people said it was something to the effect of we help out countrys that will never repay us all the while our homeland isnt near perfect and instead of helping out these meaningless people were leaving our place fucked up and causing more trouble for us by helping people with rivals

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