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My cousin Paco's B-DAY!!!! YIPEEEE!!!!

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him: So how was out of town?

me: stop calling me that

me: it was weird and fun

me: i went to a fucking club where everyone was russian

me: except me and my freidns we stood out very badly

me: they would play like booty music then rigth after literally it would go to trick daddy then to chubby checker then to their weird music in their language haha and everyone knew the wrods but us lol

me: so yeah they had these beers 11.% alcohol

me: i got trashed

me: grabbed a guy by the neck

me: then strippers came

him: wow.

him: sounds cool.

me: and i put some money in their asses

me: smoked a blunt in the then puked some foam hahah it was funny

him: *in*

him: wow.

me: lol

him: you're the man.

me: thank ya

me: we drove to ******

me: got called white by black people

me: and cops

me: lol

him: oh no.

him: hahaha.

me: and they where scared of my friends mut hahahah

me: literally jumping off the sidewalk

me: we painted there

me: and drove back to ****

me: and painted there aswell

me: oh and i got bit by some fucking crazy bugs, we also went to this pizza place that didnt have slices of pizza, it was upsetting


so yeah ihad fun a very good weekend

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I have to add to this....



podrido: so yeah

podrido: i got bit by some weird bugs that left fucking giant puss thing on my legs

podrido: :-(

Post: yummy!

podrido: u know u like it

podrido: and u wanna rub the lil puss things

Post: um

Post: NO

podrido: yeah yesah

podrido: hehehehheehe

podrido: :-P

Post: just save th puss and i'll eat it later




*edit cause i'm retardod

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