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Long Island, NY

Dick Gozinya

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Originally posted by LIL' RICHBOY


One of Long Island's finest up there in the red jacket....................



The hardest nigga on the block Dont you forget it!

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tyler..i though that out of all these other assholes, you'd be the level headed guy, and try and defend li from these cats that love to hate on us..but i guess not,huh...thats fucked up..and whatever...you think about huntington station how ever you want, i dont really give a shit..cause this is just wack computer garbage anyway...you wanna settle this in reality, let me know and ill come thru for anyone with a fuckin brick...the fact of the matter is, li's got streets rocked..li's got transit lines hit...shits hit more then most of you haters might think...still hate, cause i dont give a shit...im gunna do my thing, and the cans just keep comin to me...so see me when you see me..


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im not trying to "defend" anyone from anything here. of all people, why would i come to this islands defense? not like it matters anyhow, its online....if anyone really wants to "defend" some kind of "honor" that this place has, then by all means, wreck the shit out of highways and tracks. i dont really think too much else will change anything.




you also seem to act like im making fun of huntington or something, all im saying is that the place has some bad rep as far as places on LI go and i've NEVER had a problem there whatsoever. and i'd think that if it was a "bad" area then a skinny white kid on a nice bike riding around late at night would have a problem...yet, i havent. so maybe theres something im not seeing, or maybe im just calling it like i see it and staying level headed.






i could give a fuck about this island. and about 98% of the people on it.

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Originally posted by egest737

fine..then the next time i see a skinney white kid on a new bike, ill be sure to do something about it...


hmm....what are you going to accomplish with that exactly? get a "rep" for huntington?


im sorry, but i just dont see the logic in what you said. however, if youd like to argue this in real time and keep the silly internet beef shit off here then feel free to send me your "point" via email...i think its in my profile or something.

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Originally posted by DickGozinya




.......insert "boondock saints" quote here:


Rocco: Fucking... What the fucking fuck! Who the fuck fucked this fucking... How did you two fucking fucks... FUCK!


Conner MacManus: Well it... certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.










remind me to smack you next time i see you, dick.

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