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escaped convict tunnels his way back to prison to escape nagging wife

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ONLY two days after accomplishing one of the most amazing jailbreaks in history, escaped convict Carlos Incarcia stunned authorities by tunneling back INTO prison!


Incarcia was desperate to escape his shrewish wife and the old pals he owed money to, said Pablo Merced, warden of the penitentiary near Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“I guess he found life on the outside wasn’t quite as good as he remembered it,” Merced snickered.


Incarcia’s strange tale begins with an incredible jailbreak that took 15 years to carry out. According to official reports, the 44-year-old convict was serving 25 years for auto theft, fraud, burglary and safecracking. Merced said Incarcia spent the last 15 years patiently tunneling his way to freedom and building a dummy in his own likeness, which he left in his bunk to fool the guards on the night he escaped.


The fugitive then returned to his wife, Marta. His plan was to borrow money from some of his old partners in crime, so that he and Marta could flee the country together.


But the homecoming was far different than what Incarcia expected, he told prison authorities after his return.


“I came back to our old apartment thinking I’d surprise my wife,” Incarcia said, according to the official report on his case. “I knocked on the door and when she answered I hardly recognized her. She must’ve gained about 150 pounds! And instead of being happy to see me, she started screaming and hitting me.”


Incarcia fled to his mother’s house — where things got even worse.


“My mother kept crying, ‘You lousy bum! You’ve shamed the entire family!’ She was wailing and slapping me. So again, I ran.”


Incarcia sought out his old buddies to borrow money, but found they weren’t so happy to see him either. It seemed he already owed them a great deal of money from years ago — and they wanted it back!


“I was terrified,” Incarcia said. “If the police caught me, they’d just arrest me and send me back to prison. But these people? I thought they were going to KILL me!”


So Carlos returned to the spot where his escape tunnel had ended outside the prison. The tunnel had already been filled in, so he methodically dug his way back to his old prison cell and to safety — to the amazement of the jail guards, who found him there during the morning head count.


Merced said the former fugitive requested that he not be allowed any visitors — “for his own protection.”

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That's the cheesiest shit I've ever heard, and they stole part of that fake story from the movie "Escape From Alcatraz".

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haha obviously its a joke...its funny when people get worked up like they figured out some puzzling question that has plagued mankind for hundreds of years.

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