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shameless self promotion


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Hey guys, i need something like kazaa to download this video im trying to get. Anyone have any recomendations..? Kazaa sucks and its not working...


Im trying to download the tekademics-mischief video.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Guest ctrl+alt+del

all i could find was 2 videos with artists as "Mischief F. Tekademics" and title as "Gumbal 3000 Teaser" and "Gumbal 3000 Teaser 2"

a 4:51 minute 'clip'

well i guess ill download it and see what the hell it is



*edIt* :lol: pistol

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I've posted this a million times, and this probably won't be the last.....







If you have a large amount of files that you can share, preferrably not mp3s as they will get you banned from some hubs, the neo modus link is the way to go. Direct Connect is a good file sharing program and I've been able to find pretty much anything I've thought of there. Good luck.


email me if you still need help.

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