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household pests

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i'm not talking about roommates, friends that overstay their welcome, i'm talking about MICE


i live in the city and my house has recently become the new hangout for a small colony of mice. they eat my food, the leave little love droppings everywhere. i hate these unwanted house guests.


i've tried mouse pellets, mouse traps (got one last night) and hiding all the food, but they won't go away. it sucks when u go to make pancakes and u pour out the mix only to find mouse turds in it. Best believe it'll ruin your appetite.


help me out here. i can't afford those exterminator people and i can't afford for these fuckers to ruin all my food.


anyone else have this annoying problem?

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Guest imported_Tesseract

AntiFirst campaign


If you wanna go traditional, get a cat to do the job, Still having a cat is worse than having mice, so i'd suggest to address to proffessionals for the matter. They'll come, spray some shit, and your problem will be solved....raping nature is that easy.


On a sidenote, if you keep books that you care about in your house, protect them...a harcdore mouse knows exaclty how to sabotage a good library

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Originally posted by FUBU YAMAKA



well thank you, if they are attracted to my odor i must smell like food and since i've heard that food odors are a mild aphrodesiac and raise blood pressure i'll take that as a compliment.





yah i've thought of getting a cat but they are too much trouble to take care of. i was thinking of borrowing someone's cat for a while and let them loose in the house.


the exterminator is $700 and i've heard they don't work that well, my friend just hired one and the mice are still appearing.


and yes i'm very glad i don't have cockroaches, but at least they don't leave turds.


i know there are flea bombs, but i don't think they make mouse bombs do they? maybe if i double up on the flea bombs it will wipe out the mice too.

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Guest sneak

nice fucking shot when..


i have a cat that kills and maimes frogs and birds, but i dont think that is really along the lines of the topic

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