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odd freight catches

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  • 4 months later...
Originally posted by Jerk182

looking through old flicks.....................


yellow swastikas end to end on a rail link says some crap about the n.r.a. and freemen.

swatch loves so and so dated 89, im pretty sure it was omar.

that schoolbus wholecar was pretty neat.






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  • 3 weeks later...

theres a lil layup not too far from where i stay that u cant hit...<<too hot...but once i was passing by and (this place never has good stuff running through it) i saw one of them lil cars that holds the containers they put on semi trucks....and it had a dope, oooold ass cameo piece on it...what was cool..but wierd....

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Originally posted by duffman

once I was painting and just as I was finishing my peice I heard a noise coming down the tracks... Due to the way the layup was the only thing I could do was crawl under the train and climb out the othe side of it.. as I went under the train I saw a pone tag that said "hide shhh" I always thought it was weird since I was trying to hide too....





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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest 5:00 Shadow

this thread is dope!

this weekend, i seen these etchings on green hoppers of what looked like farmers and workers, very folk art looking,

always catching seen, ces fills on tankers

"the workers" streaks in hot pink...lol

third grade humor e2e was hot also...

i gotta jog the memory here, i'll be back... peace

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  • 2 weeks later...

i like this thread. glad its back.

recently saw some very well done IWW shit. done in oilbar very good socialist propaganda poster art looking stuff.

workers of the world unite.


could this get stickied?


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"Love it man...Gore sux...It's not over untill I win!" by Poops on a gondola. Didn't catch it, but he gave me a flick of it.

There's all kinds of weird shit I see. But I forget it as soon as I see something new. I should stop poking smot.

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  • 2 weeks later...

eastcoast fr8s!


those spiders are sick! where the fuck is kamloops?




ive also seen a groundhog living in a hopper...mother fucker scared the shit outta me! those new TBOX's are nice. caught one this past weekend (6-08-03) with a Built Date of 05-03. It wasnt clean for long lol


wut up cruk?

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i alwayz wanted 2 know who did these but some1 did this end 2 end with hyenas with theyre teeth all out n shit.....it was sick....like 6 hyenas....yah n i caught this 1 end 2 end ...top2 bottom ..shit said *SLUTS*

...i was rollin laughin....shit made me get out of my car n clap

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2 Mounds (one for sure on a hopper the other might have been in a flic)

a JE outline with a paint marker or streak

The Giant piece "Huero" that was featured in an early issue of the Source magazine

anytime I see N in circle?

dope pieces from Mexico

a Jeas and Than on an Alaska hopper

anytime I see a TSA piece

Caine2 outlines on a gondola

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I dont really have a yard close to me, but i have a couple lines:


"Mr. Poopy Pants: GANG LEADER" written in cursive with a pencil

An MBER streak

A big outline of a guy with his dick out,done in green paint. It was like the whole height of the car too...

Phsyk streak with "I hate women" next to it.

An e2e with just stock cap sized dots of different colors going down the whole car...

Something, not a streak, that said I (HEART) RAILWORKERS...

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