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suburbian bum

Best of hotornot.com

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Guest socrates

How do you know he's gay, are you a little ass pirate

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mmmmm dayyyyyyyy-um girl. you got it goin ON. yowzas.




ooooooooh. and whos your friend???? (wink wink wink.)




"......wha? how did i get here? please untie me. whats that chainsaw and box whip creme for? why are you smiling like that.......................?"




(raspy voice....) "ive come to eat your souls.............(more raspy breathing.....).........face my wrath..........grrrrrrrr."




thats right bitch. i said put the coke down and get on your fucking knees hoe.




.............the only thing i could even think of for this one was: "DOY-EEEEEEEEEEE!".

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Guest DMX

that site is alot of fun but the ratings girls get annoy the hell out of me. basically, if you wear a bikini or anything slutty you get a 9 or more. if you look even remotely gothic or emo-ish you get a very low score. guys are so fucking stupid.


the girls are just too nice. even the butt ugliest guys have like an eight.

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