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Guest rEaL 1NA

new shit for haters to hate on.........

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Guest seno.oner
Originally posted by iloveboxcars

stop posting every sketch you do.


exactly......... get better then post how hard is it to figure that out?

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Guest tears*uno



you are SO gay.


'suck too..

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Guest bar101e

looks too blocky, but im a fan of the halogen lighting effect youve acchieved with the colors, your lines are too solid, there doesnt seem to be any real dimention, which sometimes is a good thing, but in this case, isnt. try to develop a flow, flow meaning something that runs smooth, not all blocky, your working with combined rectangles, and its kinda rough, the overlapping is kinda harsh on the eyes, but if you added something that would make it run together without just lying on top of one another it would be a bit smoother. i guess its the difference of preference between dominoes and water, if you throw your letters into dominoe form and drop them, they will fall in an overlapping, three dimentional form, but if you flow your lettering like water, it spills together, in a one dimentional design, but fits together.either one you pick, its all in how you pull it off, look at some of daims' work, thats what i mean by dominoe, then look at some of pastors' work, thats what i mean by water. im not trying to be a grafitti nazi, grafitti is writing on other peoples property, but this is also aesthetics, and i hate looking at things that dont intrigue or intrest me, and im sure im not alone on that one.just try to be more original, no same size blocks layed out in a perfectly legible pattern of slightly random form.or dont listen to me, go listen to the radio and do the same stuff your doing now, but if i saw you painting this in an alley, id say the same thing as i just wrote, i dont hate on any of this, but offer some tips, consider it.

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