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female adult star appreciation


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Originally posted by Don Perignon

Oh Pistol, you son of a gun... :D


Was that at that porn convention in Las Vegas(?)...


Porn star fact: Little did I know Asia Carerra has an IQ above genius and is actually a computer nerd. Pretty cool...


no actually that was here in Los Angeles @ Erotica LA. I have yet to make it to the Vegas one which is 100x better from what i've heard. I think that one is in a few months.


Asia is a nerd. She designed and maintains her own sites.




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Guest Ser3adc

Re: Devon


Originally posted by Ser3adc

hottest chick ever...bar none]

^^i take that back....that last pic changed my mind.:D

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Guest Canadiano

this is kinda baitup, but I was at a sex convention and was with my buddy in line for meeting Alisha Klass. She was doing all these promos for the local Pay-per view channel, and I was in the background (just me). The whole time, I was wondering if I would ever know if the footage made it to the channel's previews.


well, my friend talked to the bartender at the bar the other day, and he told him that I'm there, clear as day, standing right behind Ms. Klass with a big grin on my face while checking her ass.




by the way - Alisha Klass is a beautiful and great woman. So, so nice and polite.

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Guest Stapler

The above bitch looks like Christina Agulira or whatever her whore name is..............No shit either that or they are related by their whore mom`s...........^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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