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Osama supporters march on London.

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this was swiped from a English soccer hooligan forum...


DISCIPLES of Osama bin Laden are set to march through London almost a year on from September 11.


The al-Muhajiroun fanatics — who gleefully celebrate the US atrocities on their sick website — will stage a rally in Trafalgar Square on Sunday.


But Scotland Yard has not tried to have the march banned.


Labour peer Greville Janner is among those demanding the Islamic extremists’ march is outlawed.


The former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “It should be treated with contempt. It is horrendous they will be marching through our tolerant city, especially

so close to September 11.


“That anyone in this decent democracy would support those murders is incredible and revolting.”


Al-Muhajiroun’s website features footage of the hijacked planes slamming into the Twin Towers and the slogan “Remember, Remember the 11th September”.


Leader Sheikh Omar Bakri has warned Britain faces similar strikes if it joins a war on Iraq.


Last night the Syrian cleric — who has boasted the group endorses violence — claimed: “We believe in the same philosophy as bin Laden.


“We believe in what he fights for but we do not condone violence against innocent people.”


He said up to 4,000 followers were expected at the five-hour “educational gathering”. The Met put the figure at 200.


The Greater London Authority refused to authorise the march.


But only Home Secretary David Blunkett can ban it — if police say it threatens public order.


A Met source said: “Appropriate policing will be in place. We do not expect any problems.”


But Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, warned: “The effect of this group’s anti-Western rhetoric has been a backlash against British Muslims.”



between them and the hooligan firms who are planning a bit of a showdown, should make for an interesting day in good ol London town....

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Originally posted by Dirty_habiT

Hahahah, one man band plays the SKIN FLUTE!!!!


you should see me belt out a tune on the pipe organ...

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