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Guest AKER 513

no doubt


this was a big lose in the graf world in cincy. the whole the authority crew is not the same. kern wuz injured too. man.... i cant believe that shit man. his shit just blows peeps minds and always will! mad props


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6 inches from getting mine-


Last night I was driving on Route 1&9 North.. Wasn't really thinking of much, all tired after

work. I was driving north in the express lane nearing the beginning of the Pulaski Skyway


As I'm driving I look to my right and notice a bad accident off to the side of the local lanes.

I looked a little too long. As i look foward to the road I, at a split second jam my wheel left.

A taxi cab was pulled over halfway in my lane and half on a curb divider.


I'm doing about 75 which is common for this highway... I steer left just 6 inches from

clipping the taxi... the turn was too quick and sharp at the speed I was going... I lost

control of the car, my car began to peel and did a 360 over the divider. I land on the

Local North traffic facing on coming traffic.


Two cars just miss me and im shocked


I was afraid to get out of the car, cars kept wizzing by and im crashed and

stretched across thier lanes


I was wearing my seatbelt and just got banged up a bit. I got out of the car and a bunch

of police officers are yelling at me to try to get my car off the road before I cause another

accident. I couldn't believe that my car could still drive.


I pulled off to the side and got my shit together, eventually I drove my ragged wobble wheeled

car along the truck route home... I just missed it. After that... wow , it's a thin line when driving.


All I can say is young guys like us need to be a bit more cautious when driving.. We have all

this energy and can be so impatient when we have places to go and things to do... Take it easy



RIP John

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Guest fr8lover

im glad to hear your safe, bro...at first i was reading it thinking you were going to talk about some nace shit you saw on the highway, but it got serious. stay safe, you guys in jersey drive like _assertive_ nutjobs.


again, glad to hear youre okay bro...we dont need something like what happened to naceo to happen to anyone else...

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a few months back me and a buddy were out cruising around checking out some highway graff catching a fill-in or two in that same area as worddown was explaining, its 230 am we arrive up to some emergency vehicles we see this all done up honda upside down and they are using the jaws of life to get whoever it was out of the car, shit was fucked cause they were taking there time like the person was dead or somthing, me and my boy were kinda shook so we ended up just catchin one fill each on a neighboring highway then calling it the night......we all need to just chill with driving, its more dangerous than even taking a plane, i know that many of ya's think wearing seatbelts aint kool or whatever but shit is definately worth it...stay safe everyone both painting and driving to your spots.

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crush kill: agreed. just relax and be safe. i cant even tell you how many times ive been nearly hit by goofballs showing off or whatever. great, your car can go fast and it looks are that of the future. the people in the passsenger seat wont be impressed when they are dead.

nace rip!

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