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Guest rymewon



rip nace.. the cleanest train rocker i ever seen...... i had the pleasure of seeing a few nace freights....... i will mos def keep those flicks in a safe spot.... one love .. peace.. ryme ugn crew toledo ohio

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If anyone would like to put together a Nace special spotlight on puregraffiti.com for the full month of November, send photos,and words for nace to:




credits will be given to whoever chooses to submit. Got a few days left before the first, so if anyone would like to put this tribute section together send them fast.



rest in peace Nace One

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again, im writing in here...... it seems silly, im not sure who or what im writing too, but im just writing. nace, i didnt know you, ever, weve never met or come close to meeting, but for some reason it feels like weve known eachother on that one level and that common bond that brings us all together. i try to avoid this thread because of the memories it brings up of the friends ive had pass throughout my lifetime. but i still comeback evry so often and make a reply just for the sake of remembrance for all of those whove fallen including you. its such a shame what happened... but maybe its for a better good. somehow it plays a part in everything....im sure. nace, you will never be forgotten. your memory will always live on, and im sure youll always take care of your crew and family from above. goodbye. R.I.P nace and all those who have been stolen from us at such a young age.......






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The above photos are the last Wall and last Production that Nace did, but only a small segment of the wall!

He did 3 other pieces to follow, all fr8s, and as I am able 2 find a way to get the flix scanned of those fr8s - they will appear here. Thanks 4 the post - I have linkups of the whole wall too, but it was posted earlier.

Thankx 4 trying though - nice clear shots!


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Nace was and IS an influence to many across the country... In addition to his prolific freight bombing he was one of the first to expand clean train culture from N.Y. to anywhere steel could be found. He is a legend. I am sorry he is gone, and I know that he will be sorely missed by many of his close friends around the world...

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