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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

Slyle CMC

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On 8/19/2019 at 9:22 AM, misteraven said:

Yeah, had this happen lots of times with 80s era Krylon. Obviously the paint is bad, but the pressure is still mostly intact. Seals (probably a type of rubber) fails and the stuff just comes out like goopy foam. Once had a sunset orange I was going to use for a final outline (mid 90s) start spraying like a volcano because the seal failed from the pressure building due to it sitting out in the Florida sun while I was doing a piece. 

Yeah this happened to one of my old Ironlak Yellows. 


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On 8/19/2019 at 9:00 AM, One Man Banned said:





Anyone seen/dealt with this before or are people keeping empties?  First can not old or collectible, second came from an old Krylon.  I often question if I should keep any of the old ones and this doesn't help.  Lucky these were stored where nothing was damaged and tried one of the newer cans out and it worked for most of the can.

Was cleaning my unvpes estate past year and came up on a ton of model car cans from the 60-80s. A lot were wither rusted out or blown out like this ill post some pics in a second i gotta dig em up

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The things you find when digging through old pics.  This was posted somewhere on this thread awhile ago.  Unfortunatley the display has been lost in the Hoard, I havent seen it in years, and have no clue what I did with it...


Found these around early 2000.  The display came from the shelf of an old PA hardware store.  When I asked if they had paint they said no, but their main store might.   A 15 min drive to their other location and I yeilded these two cans along with several NOS cases of Sheffield grenades and other random bits.   Still stop in to the store, and always find something interesting when I pick around.



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Early 80's Belton and Auto-K Bastler(DIY rare rage from Kwasny)




Rare italian brand, imported in La Réunion, a french island near to Madagascar.




A belgian store: the owner just died this summer, in 15 years he has never let me in. 




Picture from Svensk Old School Graffiti book. 




Still diggin Marabu, the best paint ever.




GOLDIE with a nice stash. 





Pictures from SHAVE WOW's book. 




One rack and one cardboard sign, digged separately. 




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We're honored to contribute cans to the Museum Of Graffiti giving historical context to spray paint and its significance in graffiti culture and beyond.

"Collections allow us to relive treasured memories again and again through tangible artifacts. To some they are trophies; to others specifics pertaining to brand and color of vintage spray paint cans hold profound meaning. It starts with a single can but inevitably the scope widens, as do the displays, which require constant rearranging. And whether obsessively displayed, or thrown together randomly, we love it all. There are so many differences and quirks, not just between companies but regionally, nationally, and, of course, globally. Whether Red Devil on the East Coast, Touché out west, Smoothrite across the pond, or Tuxan shoe spray down under. Every time we study cans side by side we always learn something new.

Cheers to the collectors! We have become the museums of a culture." - Cap Matches Color


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11 hours ago, Slyle CMC said:

Currently sold out.  If you were lucky enough to get a copy of Two Decades of Digging, what was your favorite section?  


So many dope things to choose from but the revelation of a perfume additive in UFBlack during the Employee interview really was a big one!

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1 hour ago, triKlops said:

So many dope things to choose from but the revelation of a perfume additive in UFBlack during the Employee interview really was a big one!

Same for us.  When we were interviewing the chemist for krylon we got to talking about a bunch of things.   For one reason or another we decided to ask about UFB.  When we heard his response we went crazy. It was one of the biggest highlights of the book for us.  Something so simple, yet so nerdy!


Thanks for the support!

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