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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

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I'm going to start transitioning from ig to here.  So tired of that format, but for those that want to see more of my collection find me @theoldhabits    

Not a collector by any means, but I picked this up a little while back from an estate sale. Any idea where I could get more info about it? The back shows an address in Springfield, MA.    

I took this pick July 2001 and a little over a month later I posted it on here.   The first pic, hard to think that was 18years ago...  

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i've searched and didn't see--is there an old markers thread?


I saw some old Marsh markers recently, but didn't pick them up. I think that guy is still holding sales and he's supposed to come up with some more paint for me. You want any markers I'll send 'em for cost+shipping. I noticed in KeepinItRail's thread you live in the same state, so shipping should be cheap, and the markers can't be much more than free.

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Mid 50's. The copper on the end is the newest. That was the same design when they started making the "normal" size can. Early 50's they had almost no colors. Started with clear, then they had aluminum white and black. I believe these are the first style cans when they introduced color lines. All the earlier cans you find are normally just clear....

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Had my eye on this house around the corner from my job for a couple weeks. Old place lots of garbage piled up. Decide to drive by today and they are outside filling up a dumpster. They were nice enough to not throw the spray cans in, asked if I could have them and they said sure. Grabbed them up but had to run was in the middle of an errand. Told them I would come back....came back and everything closed up including dumpster. Stopped by after work and dumpster was gone already. Gonna keep an eye on this place, was a definite hoarders house and there is bound to be many more goodies.....shame about what I missed out on today already....




On a side note I am doing a little spring cleaning, making some room for diggin season. I listed several groups of cans for sale. They are all buy it now or best offer auctions, don't be shy, make an offer, I need to make some room....

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I recently found this can of Glossy White, and in my haste thought "Krylon no lid; user paint". When I got home and realized it would be worth finding a lid, I checked my Hot Pink lid for a reference and went back. There was a white lid in the bottom of the box, no words, no screwdriver slot, so I thought for sure it was a match. But the lid doesn't look exactly like that of my Hot Pink. Is this the incorrect lid for my 68 Glossy White?




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The lid most likely should say Imperial on the inside. That lid would work but not correct. Its only glossy white so not a big deal...


Oh, it does say Imperial with the crown logo on the inside.


next question;

What is the difference in production date on these two cans?



Can on the right is a fat seam 13 oz, which I'm pretty certain is older.

When did Krylon switch from 13oz to 12, fat seam to skinny?

I don't know much about dates besides '68 cans.

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