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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

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I'm going to start transitioning from ig to here.  So tired of that format, but for those that want to see more of my collection find me @theoldhabits    

Not a collector by any means, but I picked this up a little while back from an estate sale. Any idea where I could get more info about it? The back shows an address in Springfield, MA.    

I took this pick July 2001 and a little over a month later I posted it on here.   The first pic, hard to think that was 18years ago...  

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how can you tell how old a can is? i know there are years printed on the cans but is that the actual year that specific can was produced or like the year the brand started to produce that line of paint


not all cans have year printed,like you said you can tell by the year on the can,and also you can tell when you see the can style,like old rusto if you see name on the can you know that that can is made from 1971-78,sw krylon with stripes on the bottom you know that that can style was made from 91-97 etc etc (years that i mentioned were just an example,not actual data for krylon and rusto can styles :lol: ) or you can always ask someone in this topic,or visit http://www.capmatchescolor.com ;)

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Yeah if you search the thread I think I have gone over it. Copyright years on cans are not always correct, and it is not an exact science. General rules of thumbs is if it has old 1/2 digit zip codes on can it is before 1963. Same goes for warning on front. Bar Codes on cans usually dates them to late 70's or later. (They first started barcodes in 1974) Lots of cans do have 2 or 4 digit dates on them that help pin them down a lil, rusto for the most part always dates their cans.

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Thanks. I was just wondering because my friend got six cans of two different colors each of krylon, the newer label with the five spheres and it said 1991 also same thing on a can of almond i found


take one of each color... if you can get it,they are cool cans too

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Thats is some really good user stock you found there. Osh is supposed to be real good, but I have not had any experience with it yet. (Its a west coast thing I guess) You might wanna save the scotti and some of the flat balls if that is your thing. You also have one of those "ribbed" champion cans. New can always found their design interesting, and you don't see them too often.


That life spray enamel copper is probably the most interesting can to me. Never seen that one before. It is probably as old as the flat black scotti if not older. Also that pactra imperial. Too bad it is missing a top, but I do know a guy who collects those.

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