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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

Slyle CMC

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Another spraint....gotta love those cans. They were distributed by pep boys auto part stores, not sure but will have to look into if they were affiliated with Plasti-Kote as that was one of the primary brands Pep-boys sold. Plasti-Kote also made a budget brand for pep boys called De Bois...

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In older issues of good housekeeping they had the color charts for those cans....well not those cans but what were considered "house and garden" colors...


Slyle - Just got those charts from the big Nerd to scan for the book! Very dope!! House & Garden colors for the 70s.

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I have 4 different spray paint display racks for sale/trade. Asking $200 or best offer per rack.


1. First rack is a generic black metal rack that is encased in a cage to prevent the theft of spray paint. This rack is situated on casters which allow for easy mobility.


2 & 3 I have 2 krylon spray paint display racks. The krylon logo is displayed on the bottom of the racks. These racks also come with cages that can be used with the racks, or you can use the racks without the cages as seen in the picture.


4. Last is the larges rack of them all. This is a vintage Krylon/Sparvar display racks. Holds about 300 cans. From circa mid 70's.


I have pictures of them on the CMC facebook page. NYC, NJ, Philly, CT or Boston are all areas I could possibly deliver to. PM me and I can email you pics and discuss details.

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new OMEN that i worked on this weekend,i was lil short with time,i have to clean outlines like on M which are finished,and its made with 80's dupli color oil based,old dupli is so thick that it cloged all my caps after 30 sec lol


colors :



mint green

mellon yelow

light blue


and outlines with iron grey


true colors are lil lighter then on this pic



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