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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

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I'm going to start transitioning from ig to here.  So tired of that format, but for those that want to see more of my collection find me @theoldhabits    

Not a collector by any means, but I picked this up a little while back from an estate sale. Any idea where I could get more info about it? The back shows an address in Springfield, MA.    

I took this pick July 2001 and a little over a month later I posted it on here.   The first pic, hard to think that was 18years ago...  

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yeah i have noticed there was quite a few soft pinks back then. these all came from the same person so kinda makes sense. Not as many bright pinks and bright colors period in the 50-60's cans.


Joe Welcome should post the illbronze color chart from the late 50's. One of the sickest lines I have ever seen and so few of them have been found....

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heres some uk spec krylon (i think??) any info on this is welcome,

me im just happy to have a tin!!


I do know that even with the ugly 3D logo, the lack of US hypochondriac safety labeling everywhere makes this really dope looking.


Judging by the 3D logo, those were made in the States between 1996-2000 or so. Don't know if it's the same overseas, though.

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Altona is a product of Kwasny since 10 years now, but it used to be a french brand, very popular among french old-school kings cause Altona used to sponsor them...there were big beefs for it indeed. It was widly distributed and it was real good paint. We call this design "Arlequin", due to the patern which is the same as the Comedia dell'arte character...


I gave some cool shots of all the differents versions for the CMC hardcover...can't wait to see this book!

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Anyone in northeast georgia, or the southeast in general, Im moving across the country and am limited by the space in my car, so I have to get rid of some paint to make room for shit that I cant replace. I have a duffel bag full of user paint, 80% of them are unused, the others arent less than half full.


Assorted rusto, 2x, dutch boy, fred's, etc.



Also have to let go of my small humble collection.



if you are in the southeast and are interested just hit me up and we'll discuss the dirty details. I dont feel like parting them out and shipping them off here and there, so Ill run you a deal on all of them.

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