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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

Slyle CMC

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Sorry, I have to pull Juca's card here. Get him a shipping price and he or his girl will tell you it's too much. Do him a favor and it's thankless. Sorry, but he has blown me off 3 times already. Not worth wasting your time emailing. Nuff said.



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Whisper whites were dollar store finds for a while a few years ago ... decent paint not really old or vintage by any means.


by no means was i sayign they were vintage or anything like it. i just never knew those cans were ever made. we just didnt have em around here. im just workign on getting every color on that chart just to have a set put aside and it swould be nice to have those.

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Mayco and barker are two cans I never seen. Who made them?


The barkers used to be a hardware store i think, says "manufactured exclusively for Barkers in Bronx NYC"


and the mayco im not sure about you guys are prolly right....plasi kote

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whisper whites have been discussed here a few times, BIGMETAL has some good thoughts on em. used a few, nothing amazing, but hardly went for them when i saw them.


i'm sure people say Krylon makes a lot of different brands, when it's more likely that a brand is produced by somewhere under the (huge) SWP umbrella. saying it's made by Krylon is a good way to sell the product.


speaking of which, I'm somewhat surprised to see a SWP Red Devil chart. i know that some chain stores sometime have current-ish Red Devil stock, but I really would have thought that SWP would have done away with this brand by now. no one wants to see Red Devil as a viable paint still in production more than I, but it's been the pattern with SWP to horizontally acquire a company and then shut it down... see IllBronze, Nybco, etc. I basically figured that unless they'd kill it off, SWP would make Red Devil their bargain brand for store chains, kinda like what RPM/Rusto did with Derusto.

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took this rainny day for digging with my girlfriend,found old aerosol art's (Made by Vogelsang,not Motip),paper labels name on the can,full.






Vogi logo




and 150 ml vogi babies ( took only 2,but dude got whole color chart on in the store ^^)



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