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Slyle CMC

Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

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Yes be very careful....Clean paper labels with a slightly DAMP paper towel. I have used chemicals on paper labels, but test on small spot first, and never overdue it. Metal cans usually can be cleaned with anything, but excessive wiping has been known to ruin a can. Its all trial and error, and can types. You learn the hard way, but none the less you learn...

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dip it like it's marble cake...


verse, i told you i got oicture cans for ya'... send me the trader flix holmes...

i am feeling the derustos... noice


when it comes to cleaning cans there are all types of methods... like slyle said it is all trial and error.

on metal cans: on older ones sometime the clearcoat that protects the printing on the can is worn away. you can see that can seems duller, the shiny coating is gone, these cans are really suceptable to being ruined by cleaning solvents, especially the black printing... proceed with caution...

on old red devils, the color name is stamped on afterwards. one swipe w/ a cleaner will take the color name/ingredients right off the can...

some caps back in the day were painted the can's color, these can be ruined with a cleaning as well...


paper: these are tricky... be very careful, sometimes these are best left dirty, but there are some "secret" methods to fixing these up, use your imagination...


there are some other tips and secrets but ya really gotta learn the hard way... we all have ruined nice oldies and learned...good luck

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Originally posted by Kel Varnson

I have a can of Avocado 2009 & a can of Burnt Orange 2406. The Orange is a paper label-Knotch top the avocado is reg., other than that they look the same. Can anyone give me a date on these?????:confused:


notchtops are circa 1978 cans, the avocado, if its a metal can (they often have the ozone printing on the side in blue) is roughly 1980. if it's a paper label it's like 1977. remember that these are informed estimates.


is the avo a paper label?

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Guest KephaOneLove
Originally posted by Brandon

I ran into a ton of Pittsburgh paint, safety green. And have been using it for the past few months, and I just looked at the date on the cans - 1987.



I do have a question though. A while back someone gave me a can of Seymour MRO paint.


the Pittsburgh, i'd guess was with regular male caps. they use a danvern/fan spray now. like most "big name" paints, their paint is quite good. not all that collectible but always fun to use.


Seymour is indeed the inventor of aerosol paint. they are one of the few independent spray paint companies left and they focus on making paint for custom jobs, technical uses and very specific technical jobs. for instance, i've seen subway workers using their Spruce line of paint. anyhow, they do sell many different products and there are places that carry some of the Seymour line. start looking. or if it's that difficult, just call up the company. you need to find small independent store, esp. paint stores and industrial supply outfits. and expect to pay "real" prices for the paint, not home depot prices.


MRO (Maintenance-Repair-Operations) General Use/Primer is made in 20oz spray cans. According to the company, it is made in:

5 safety colors (ROYGB)

3 ANSI grays

cascade green [which is NOT like the rusto, it's a medium green]

light blue

deep blue


dark green

shiny aluminum

ryder yellow

new cat yellow

omaha orange


this is a smaller company so it's harder to tell what they make in aerosols and what they don't. but this stuff is out there, i'm going to check out one spot that carries it soon. i've used their Hi-Tech Magenta which was pretty good.


happy hunting/never stop diggin'

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Cleaning cans is all trial and error, I like to start with just warm watter on a paper towel and move up in strength of cleaners. Every can is different, and even the graphics on a can can be different. One part might not be harmed while another will, take your time, and start on t back if you have any doubts.


Glowing Red Orange is a FLURO. unless its a pre borden black label can, I doubt their will be much of a demand for it.

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festival is a great color, i personaly pick it up from time to time to use, stashed one can of it away because eventually there will be no more, same thing goes with colors like terracotta (krylon), used 2 cans this weekend but they don't make that shit no more either, or indian spice AA's (great color)... so yeah, as of right now it doesn't hold a lot of weight in comparrison to regularly traded cans, but one day it will be, in the mean time pick it up to use, if u like it...

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Ok so the weather is warming up, I am starting to see more garage sales in the paper (as opposed to none) and I got the software I needed to put pics from my camera to my comp. Its been a slow winter, here is a lil bump of the few things I have managed to come up on using my various means (ie ebay, moving sales, bla bla bla).



67 orange is oh so tasty



Joe I got your red, now send me the money...



Tangerine Nybco



Here is a close up of that funky ass character



If anyone can get me one of these cans, I would pay a good buck for one, or trade you my first born...





Both made by valspar, why do he good cans always come in shitty colors?



Here is a quick lesson, if you notice that this can has no warning on the bottom and some of the fonts are different colors, this is the first full size can that krylon issued, dating to late 50's. The later ones contain warnings and font color is different.



Antoher first issue full size can from the inventor of aerosol paint. Seymour. And another example of a nice can in a shitty color.



Nothing super special, but I like them



Three early New York Bronze Company (NYBCO the makers of Wet Look) Parrot Green, Lavender, and Azalea

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lyle, u gotta see this zoo york shirt i seen today. someone over there knows what's up with old cans, they did a play on Illbronze's "spray o' namel" can... it read "spray yo name" instead almost identicle to those cans with zoo york written like illbronze... :D

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heres a bit of info i have seen.the company have made some old skool

colors/ skool bus yellow (traffic yellow)/sand brown/ tostedbrown/red devil/ icey grape(sig violet)/ baby blue/kool blue/old skool pink(hot pink)

they had to change some of the names for legal shit..it comes out and covers like old rusto



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Derusto paper labels...

.I would be the man you want to talk to about that. I must make one thing clear, most derusto up to the mid 80's all came in paper labels. I have yet to see a painted can. I am looking for the old style bubble letters first, I still need a few colors of the 70's style ones that have a basic yellow and red outlined box on the front, but am not interested in the newer early 80's style that has a small 3 color rainbow shooting to the top. Let me know, I am running a paint special every can you give me you get at least two...

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