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Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

Slyle CMC

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the one thing i do know was that family dollar had paint, i used to live right by one when i was a kid, i would get the dollar general shit though (really terrible paint) that miracal can is dollar general brand i believe. thanks for the info about the terracottas btw. does anyone ever score cans at garage/yard sales??

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thanks for the info...ive always stayed away from epoxy paint, cuz it just seemed weird to me, i figured it wouldn't be compatable with normal paint. but i guess it's just a hard glossy enamel...? the same spot had one can of colorplace avocado but i didn't pick it up. you think it's worth grabbing? it's kind of over priced, i always shop there so i'm not gonna rack it.....i hope to check some flea markets this weekend for cans.

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there's a spot in queens with tons of red devil tins. bunch of big faces as well


I'm pretty sure I have been in the store you are talking about. They had damn near every color of the Red Devil tins and all I could remember was thinking dmn I wish they had cans... LOL

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Hal, they did not switch them from gloss to satin, but instead offered a satin line. Most likely in response to AA. True blue and banner red also came in satin. A spot by me still has a grip of the banner red. I prefer the satin colors, and the true blue is almost IMPOSIBLE to find. I think most of my terracottas are satin. I still have a couple cases of them, cleared out a few closeout spots in New England area that were carrying them a couple years ago. I used so much of that color I was just sick of it.


67 cents!!

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Just looking at Scottie can designs... Kind of funny how the color name appears on each in the same place along with the 'Stops Rust' logo, but on the CLEAR they do away with the 'Stops Rust' and put the massive CLEAR font just so ya know! No reason really why it couldn't have just been like the color names up top. Altho'... very helpful if you grabbed one by mistake and were about to use it in the yard/tunnels... A lil help from your friendly folks at Rust-Oleum!

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