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Thomas Crown

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props and diss


DISS to FAH-Q... who the fuck? wut the fuck? 357 aint corny ... yea chino got the best of RD, but im sure RD would kill you, be on it... second 357 killed the streets, dont get it twistedd.. they smashed shit... try saying JUST and RD didnt king shit... and 357 always were skeemers... come up with shit you wouldn dream of... show some respect...JJ rip... and KK had bmt's like whahh... not to mention RIPE,

yea 357 and ykk had beef so? both crews bombed like a bitch, both notorious.. fear both.. but dont fear eachother

thats why i seen RD in a tux pushin a cart pretenden to be a rich bum with a wagon full of paint

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yo nauter


point taken,

and accepted,

sash bise sere,

lase, and ripe, are some of my favorite bombers....

i just get pissed off when all these little shits from manhattan, that are like 8 and dont know there history say there down in 357...

and although im not a fan of RD's antics, i gotta give it up to him too...

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Guest njbomber

that interview or what ever that was with ja was dope.i learned some new things about him like he smokes crack.hes still cool tho.kez5 is shysty. that station is dope 2

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Guest njbomber
Originally posted by the_gooch

you are missing the point.


ja and foe both have the right mentality when it comes to graff. piecing or bombing, beef is beef. these guys handled their shit the right way, bottom line! its got nothing to do with pretty pieces, skill, grimey bombing, all city. its all about handling your business like a man, UNlike MOST kids today being punks and talking trash online!


settle shit on the walls, not with your mouse and your keyboard!!!!


friends of mine have had beef with foe, and i give him his, he makes it his mission to take EVERYTHING out if thats the case. now im not trying to jock either one of these guys, i am just giving them theirs for handling things the RIGHT way, and i am sick of all of these whiney kids bitching and moaning about that ONE diss!!!




why do you care? it's actually kinda funny. grow up guys!!! it's only graffiti!

i agree with this poste.if u wanna talk shyt online thats just a waste of time
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