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elektric neon

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(bad poetry after a bad day and no sleep)


elektric neon


i cant escape the visions of tonight

her image outlined in the middle of my sight

my timing blown by the mother of delight

her angry glances shes not trusting of my light

it drains my might and my courage to speak

my fears are strong and my will wilts to ease

Elektric neon, her daughter my disease

elektric knees on my chest i cant breath

her piercing eyes and gentle hugs with bare feet

her guise is so intriguing, to me it spells defeat

yet slave is engraved in her forehead and it bleeds

elektric neon Elektric neon

i can feel her skin beneath my swollen fingertips

i can taste her breath as it escapes between her lips

elektric neon seeping out, leading me on

elektric knees in the air, with her feet on

elektric neon will you touch me so it hurts

elektric neon when we touch skin flirts

your stomach beneath my hand while you sleep

you on your back im on my stomach shoulders meet

this lust causing broken hearts to bleed

your presence gets me high when i havent smoked weed

its like the first time i saw you, you planted a seed

and everytime i see you it grows, your what i need

i dream about you sitting next to me

on our knees hands touching eyes meet

i mold into you you onto me

your thighs so soft and tasting sweet

Elektric neon



yeah...so i had to get this out of my system and move on before today starts. clown if you want, i havent a care.

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Originally posted by vinyl junkie

sweet mimosa smile

perpetually wasted

alcoholic breath

i get drunk off of your presence


sweet mimosa style

sweetest ever tasted

alcoholic stretch

intoxicating essence


i fuck

your thoughts

you fuck



no need

for us


we’re fine





One of my favorites to this day.

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clown indeed. its just a bunch of mushy crap.

haha. just kidding.


great poem toypersonthingy. i liked it alot.



you should give it to her.

"hand her a pen while your at it"

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