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grammar police.


"..its down the street from where i used to live.." Should be 'it's.'


"alter ego's stakes is high"

Should be 'stakes are high.'


"satans" should have an apostrophe.


Sorry, I read a lot of books..


PS--> I'll leave you alone on the sentence fragments.



bomb the living bejeepers outta those horses

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Guest Can you sign my book???

Yo SIH, do you have any old flics of the pit???Back when I used to go there I didnt give a shit about flicin anything, even the stuff I did, If I could see that stuff, like the credit card commercial, priceless...Good shit SIH...Oh and BUGN is a big reason I loved goin the pit...Im sure SLAM got flics...Anyways peace, dope shit...JAYKFD

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