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here's a couple "oldies but goodies" from my first trip to san fran in 1991






i wonder if this was his first cover?




it goes without saying but twist is one of the all time greats...


all pictures from www.seakmac.com

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Love this guys shit....


Mad props, this guy has got dope styles and characters that make your jaws drop.......but what the fuck this nigga has been everywhere to paint and he aint never come down to the Miami area to do some repping......it woulda been cool to see him rep down here... he is still fresh...This is a person i would like to paint with.......:dazed: :king:

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he does great work and he deserves it. would it make you feel better if he stopped doing work inspired by the "down and out" after he got some money? to me, that would be selling out. he's still doing his thing. and as far as graffiti being mainstream, its been like that since style wars right? and if an old lady wants to wear a purse with tags on it then thats one hip old lady...but she's gonna look stupid

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Originally posted by TimeHasCome



This cover is from the EARLY 90's, Read what It says around the TWIST CHARACTER, can you believe that....

Can some one Clarify what it says, I cannot understand all the words completely....


HOlla Back..


AMERICA RAPED IRAQ, thats what it says in the bottom...




i just looked at the original picture...


on the left side it says "no tape, no skinny caps, no pretty pastel stuff

content over technique"


on the right it says "the new world order looking a lot like old world imperialism. america raped iraq"

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