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Rappers and your favorite lines

master bates

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My favorite rappers are Biggie and an Underground rapper named Mc Juice


"Wit my sycamore style more sicker than your yours/ four four fifty-four draws/ as my pilot steers my leer, yes my dear, shits official, only the feds I fear/ here's a tissue, stop your blood clot cryin/ the kids the dog everybody dyin no lyin/ so don't you get suspicious, I'm big dangerous your just a little vicious/ as I leave my competition, resperator style, climb the ladder to success escalator style/ hold ya'll, breath I told ya'll, death controls ya'll, big don't fold ya'll/uhh/ I spit phrases that'll thrill you, you're nobody til somebody kills you"-Biggie fresstyle



Niggas swear to god they're fittin to rip the microphone, I swear they couldn't go gold if they bought a herringbone/ they need kneepads/ lookin at my style cause I'ma be bad/ I swear it's so dope I had to check into a rehab/ never nervous/ mc's are worthless/ put down your pencil, my instrumental, will cramp your style like a minstrel/ scenario, it's time for your muthafucking burial/ I'll murder you and learn your promontional material/ phonetically, alphabetically I'm the thickest/ and theoretically, poetically (cough) I'm the sickest/ my biggest/ scribblin/ yo it ain't no ritilin/ if rap was defense, I'd have Koby double dribblin/ i'll leave this mothafucker so hot it'll be sizzlin/ I haven't even started my reign I'm only drizzlin/I'm unpresentable like pierce needles to your genitals/ in general, I'm known for stealin shows like a criminal/ I'm crucial, mathamatically I reduce you, I'll neuse you, I'll shoot your posse even if they're neutral/ yo/ don't drink and drive when you're choosin my tapes, it's like crusin on the freeway and loosin your brakes/ and the crash will be a crash that'll thrash your ass, I harass these mothafuckas from the first to the last/ there's no immunity, when my tapes hits the black community, niggas will put the crack down and start usin' me/ my shit inges, average bend outs and inges, my tape so dope it shoulda came wit two syringes/ i blend this wit no glitches for all your bitches, last time I got so open I needed stitches/ when every nigga in their ac's and hundai's heard this/ i leave niggas quieter than sunday service, I can burn any nigga steppin in my jurisdiction, big juice i'm in the house like a shorty on restristion- Mc Juice freestyle or written

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Guest THEdude

These headphones keep me from rememberin' (rememberin')

Also guilty of letting me not forget (also guilty)

What type of harvest will September bring? (beckoning)

Everyone to put him to that test (Somebody please kill me)

I've got a sickness, it feels like love

It's not contagious, take off the gloves

Drop your defenses, apply a coat of perfect

I'll form the sentences you try to interpret.........



She's still in my dreams (She steals all my dreams)

Angel spread your wings (Angel spread your wings)

Tryin' to comprehend (I'm still tryin' to comprehend)

Can't even be friends, it's a song about a friend


Atmosphere "a song about a friend"




Well off he goes, come and cop some flows

Cross your toes in hopes that I don't climb you like an obstacle

Mission Impossible, fishin' in the kitchen sink

Ya'll'll fall for anything so what you think this kid'll bring?


Atmosphere "One of a Kind"



there a whole lot more but oh well

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umm my fav lyrics go something like this -


"boys i employ them,

feds i annoy them,

hoes i enjoy them,

waiting to destroy them,

b b bitches i escape em,

cops.. i rape em,

heartattacks i fake em,

casinos.. i take em"


not sure who it's by though ?????????

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Krayzie Bone


im not gonna waste my time typing out all his lines, but his shit is ill, not to many people like bone thugs because they cant understand what they are saying, but once you develop an ear for thier style and you could actually listen to what they are talking about, you'd have to be out of your mind to not like his shit

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impossible to serve like consecutive life sentences...

just cause i stand over you, don't mean you understand me...




and ugh...



love life, quite cliche, but i guess thats me.

a ball of pop culture with some arms and feet.




and ugh...


i wish i was a little bit taller

i wish i was a baller

i wish i had a girl who looked good

i would call her

-skee lo

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Bizarre - drop out of skool take drugs and molest sluts got ur girlfriend suckin on my left nut


Dead Prez - honestly im against this government i aint got 2 cover it up thats what i meant sick of payin bills sick of payin rent seems like i work all the time but dont know where the money went and the funny shit is we supposed 2 like this shit but all yall politicians can bit our dick its a war goin on the ghetto is a cage they only give u 2 choices be a rebel or a slave


Dead Prez - u cant fool all of the people all of the time but if u fool the right ones the rest will fall behind


Dead Prez - i dont belive bob marley died from cancer 31 years ago i would of been a panther the kill huey cause they knew he had the answer the views that we see in da new is propaganda


Dead Prez - i dont want no computer chip in my arm i dont wanna die from a nuclear bomb i say we all rush the pentagon pull our guns and grab the intercom my first words would be i belive man made god out of ignorance 2 feel if god made man why the hell would he put us here i thought he supposed 2 be the all lovin the same god that let Hitler put the Jews in da oven

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"...To ganons castle level 9 link had the power i had the mind, I held the magic sword way up high i knew i could win i didnt have to try. the nes advantage was on my side i take evil for a ride, id smoke the tex-tights like they has hooche cause soon id know id have zeldas cooch...""... i finally hit him with the silver arrow and you know i leave the rock, even though the road to good is narrow zeldas on my jock"

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Originally posted by taimaishu

Dead Prez - i dont belive bob marley died from cancer 31 years ago i would of been a panther the kill huey cause they knew he had the answer the views that we see in da new is propaganda


i read some fucked up shit about bob marleys situation in februarys "high times". peter tosh was assaninated.... bob wasnt as extreme as tosh but he was a lot more influential. fucked up....

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Guest postaholic



smilez and southstar:


"little dough nigga, budlight sippa', rolled up on 16's, get that shit outta here nigga!"


great cd for you guys that like hiphop like battle raps. dope cd..

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Lord Finesse-----"he was...wettin' niggas like firemen....shiiiiit..he was packin' more iron than vitamins"


Guru-"I flip more facts than paperbacks for research"


Anything from Godfather Don-shit is off the hook.


Kool Keith-"I don't believe you"


Maestro Fresh Wes"....don't try dissin me 'cuz your styles' history....I'm packin' more flavor than The Coronols' rotissurie...."


Scientifik".you couldn't hack what I saw-you get the Jim like Duggen"

"you couldn't be hard if your name was Remy Martin"..RIP


Big L-"...I only roll with originators...chicks stick to my dick like magnets on refrigerators...."



there are many more.....but those are some of my favorites.....

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