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Guest mafIAkilla

the random lyrics thread.....

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Guest mafIAkilla

go on and wring my neck

like when a rag gets wet

a little discipline

for my pet genious

my head is like lettuce

go on and dig your thumbs in

i cannot stop giving

im thirty something


sense of security

like pockets jingling

midlife crisis

stuck ingenuity

down through the family tree


your perfect yes its true

but without me you are only you

your menstruating heart

isnt bleeding enough for two.....


.....feel free to post the rest of this song or add a different one.....

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Guest mafIAkilla

a little bit touchy are we.....that thread is old,and i want one i can call my own,because it is just as important to me as it is to you that i get credit for a good thread.....


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Well, let us skip the boring foreplay I'm slidin' right in

This girl over my house who had to be about 19

Ass, hoes in my poster

She's sweatin' although she tried to hold her composure

I hoped she'd take it in the ass and suck dick

(Girl) My my what a nice apartment you got Rick

On her knees about to make her fall

(Girl) "All platinum and gold jammies hangin' on the wall too,

you got it goin' on"

Now my mouth start foamin'

The lights dim we're kissin' and my hands start roamin' in her drawers

(Girl) Stop!

Knew she was joking

cause I ain't even fuck her and her pussy was soaking WET!

Already had her tit out

If I play my cards right, fuck her dead in the hole she shit out

(Girl) Rick I gotta go my girls waitin'

She recaps finally when honey drawers down to her kneecaps

Breathed heavy all mushy bitch

Swore up and down I was gonna fuck her in the pussy

Since friends waitin' on subtle

Bout time to make a move upon the hungry little butthole

Meanwhile she acted quite passive

lickin' the hun neck while she lotionin' that ass with jelly

Tit hung out the frame nigga loco

Surprised honey didn't put up too much of a struggle, at first

Sinkin' in she ain't know how to be the bitch went

(Girl) ahh Rick it hurts take it out of me!

Knocked my magazine down, bitch threw my papers

You wanna keep it down I mean I do have neighbors!

Squirmin' away although the table was barrin' her

Felt real good my dick was sunk so far in her

She said it felt like a bull dowser barrin her

Sqealin about she couldn't take it anymore in her

My cummed on her straight in the perm in her, (here)

As I drained every last drop of sperm in her (where)




So girls when we kiss and we cuddle, ain't no way to put it subtle

when I want the butt hole!

(Moaning in back round)


Another girl I met, her experience fast because

Most girls wit kids don't been hit in they ass before

Picked her up sunset

(Girl) Don't be late for dinner, ma

Bringin' honey home from the date at the cinema

Thinkin' how to fuck the ass so plottin',

blown in the elevator, hit the stop button

She smiled, by knowin' her butt I wanna bore

I said "Can I have a kiss now instead of in front of your front door"

(kissing/sex in the back round) (Uhhhmmm!! Oh yeah!)

Although the rule I tried not to push hard,

I'm all over the bitch like an octopus

Deep down I know she also wanna fuck

Though I kept my tounge in her mouth so not to put her on the spot

To have to talk no shit to prevent me from bonin'

Unzap the bra, when the hooker start moanin and

Expose my espresso suck on her and lick on her

Unbucklin' pullin' out mad long dick on her

Panties in the way of that, but I want to check it out

Slipped her wet drawers down her thigh and took her leg out

Her butt was juicy kinda fat,

spun around start to stick her in the pussy from the back

She came, mad juice dripped out,

still in the pussy then acted like it slipped out

Cum on the floor, She said "Pardon the puddle"

Spread open her cheeks, pushed hard in her butt hole

Uhhhmmm, wasn't a bad date at all, she went AHHHH AHHHH

Start pullin' at my balls while I'm still penetratin'

Felt fantastic, she said

(Girl) "Rick I'm not really into this ass kick"

Meanwhile Rick cummin' by the gallon,

put your hands on the wall please

And try an' keep your balance

Lickin' the grill in her, meanwhile fillin' her

Till sperm start pourin' out her butt hole while I'm still in her

Then start rammin' the pine in her

I almost picked her up with these final grinds in her




So girls when we kiss and we cuddle,

aint no way to put it subtle when I want the butthole!



Girl: My ass, more, more, more!

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Guest --zeSto--

^ that's nice !




Here we go,

Once upon a time not long ago,

when people wore pajamas and lived life slow,

When laws were stern and justice stood,

and people were behavin' like they ought ta good,

There lived a lil' boy who was misled,

by anotha lil' boy and this is what he said:

"Me & You, Ty, we gonna make sum cash,

robbin' old folks and makin' ah dash",

They did the job, money came with ease,

but one couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease,

He robbed another and another and a sista and her


tried to rob a man who was a D.T. undercover,

The cop grabbed his arm, he started acting erratic,

he said "Keep still, boy, no need for static",

Punched him in his belly and he gave him a slap,

but little did he know the lil' boy was strapped,

The kid pulled out a gun, he said "Why'd ya hit me?",

the barrel was set straight for the cop's kidney,

The cop got scared, the kid, he starts to figure,

"I'll do years if I pull this trigga",

So he cold dashed and ran around the block,

cop radioes it to another lady cop,

He ran by a tree, there he saw this sista,

a shot for the head, he shot back but he missed her,

Looked around good and from expectations,

so he decided he'd hit for the subway stations,

But she was coming and he made a left,

he was runnin' top speed till he was outta breath,

Knocked an old man down and swore he killed him,

then he made his move to an abandoned building,

Ran up the stairs up to the top floor,

opened up the door there, guess who he saw?,

Dave the dope fiend shootin' dope,

who don't know the meaning of water nor soap,

He said "I need bullets, hurry up, run!"

the dope fiend brought back a spanking shotgun,

He went outside but there was cops all over,

then he dipped into a car, a stolen Nova,

Raced up the block doing 83,

crashed into a tree near university,

Escaped alive though the car was battered,

rat-a-tat-tatted and all the cops scattered,

Ran out of bullets and still had static,

grabbed a pregnant lady and pulled out the automatic,

Pointed at her head and he said the gun was full o' lead,

he told the cops "Back off or honey here's dead",

Deep in his heart he knew he was wrong,

so he let the lady go and he starts to run on,

Sirens sounded, he seemed astounded,

before long the lil' boy got surrounded,

He dropped the gun, so went the glory,

and this is the way I must end this story,

He was only seventeen, in a madman's dream,

the cops shot the kid, I still hear him scream,

This ain't funny so don't ya dare laugh,

just another case 'bout the wrong path,

Straight 'n narrow or yo' soul gets cast(?).


Good Night.

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Guest melt

"Chinese Freestyle"


Who wants to taste my general tso...you want to taste my general tso

I'm-a give it to you now

Who like my chopstick

hit you when I shit with my little-ass dick. Yellow

If you wanna see me eat Jell-O

I never seen nothin' like you before

I can kick you higher than you can kick me

I can kick you way up into a tree

Who wants a taste of my oo-long tea? Ho ha ho ha ho chi chi

Everybody in the phone book name Chang wanna see my wang?

Neva Good God hit the gong with a bang. WAAA?

Everybody wanna see me throw a fireball but that's not right not in real life

You will fall down and break a leg

Everybody wanna see me break a leg? Well I don't

but I like fried rice and I got lice

Ching chow woah ching wang woo wice

that ain't nice Four for the cookie I only touch it twice

Delivery is free but not from me I only swallow dolla fifty

fifty five. wanna see me GO GAA? Hit you with the lang. HAI YA!

War when I hit you with the shit do a split

Take a shit have to go eat my shit kung-fu

Want my buffet? You fucking gay, ah

Wai-lo hit you with the hay Stay the fuck away

Hit you in the balls. Only Americans eat duck sauce

And my soy sauce is for you, I can put it in your shoe

Watch this- I can tiptoe while you take a piss

In my bathroom spy on you while your little boy shits


I can kick you if you don't pay the bill

And if you want a little mint, that's fifty cent, bitch

Everything cost a little bit

So don't expect nothin for free, at least from me Ching Chang Chewie

I got you from Taiwan city and Hong Kong

I just smoked a bong and I can do it all night long

And don't mistake me for a Viet Cong

I can get you and tackle you take you never see me

When I get you and make you

Rope you up and put you in a bamboo cage and make you feel all my rage

Poke you with a little stick till you page your buddies to come napalm me

God damn that shit burned blew away my whole city

Ho Chi Minh Shoot a load on your chin

God damn thats a sad goygo goodbye

And if you wanna come on in

You can work in to my world where the yellow shit begins HAI YA

Can't be tamed

I got shit to control your brain and it's called

Egg Foo Yung, En Lo Main

So come on in baby and have it just the same HAI YA! HAAAAAH!

No wok tow ung di day

HA, I don't suppose ha haha Huh?

huhhhuhu huh

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this thread is wack if i see ya on the streets ill break your back

your pretty shoes theyll get jacked i go sell them get a hit of crack

blaze battles here i come

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