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yup, they only played a few songs, maybe 6 at the most.


and yes, dude was pretty bored looking.


i pissed next to Carl in the bathroom.


Carl also snatched a phone from some asshole in the very front row of people holding that shit up above his head with both hands dead center of the stage, kid kept being like "c'mon man, can i get my phone man" between songs... i laughed pretty hard.

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so, seen NILE last night with Psycroptic.



good show.


saw that show as well, it was a good time.


that band Pathology that opened got in some kind of bad van accident apparently...





anyone going to MDF ?????


edit- i just noticed my post count after not posting for like a year, haa.

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meh, that band isn't that sweet... it's just one notch above death-core... and we all know death-core sucks here.


why does every song end in "duh-dun.............. dun-dun-dun..............*crash cymbal!...........jun-jun..................." there are many brutal ways to go slow, break downs aren't the only way.


and dude's high vocals sound like a chick, lame.



try that instead.


quick playlist from today...


Aeon: Forever Nailed

Arkaik: The Devine Manifestation, Malignant Ignorance

The berzerker: Failure, No one wins

Black Sabbath: The Writ

Blotted Science: R.E.M.

Braindrill: Nemesis of neglect

Cannibal Corpse: Hacksaw Decapitation, Blowtorch Slaughter, Post mortal ejaculation, Blunt force castration

Decapitated: Symmetry of zero, Nine Steps

Deicide: When heaven burns, This is hell we're in

Element: Ethnological Cybernetics

Hate Eternal: Behold Judas

Hour of penance: Thousands of Christs


and hip hop wise, it's been Madlib, blunted in the bomb shelter mix

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Been listening to DEMIURG which has members of THE 11th HOUR whos 09' album Burden of Grief is fuckin awesome.

Also listened to some FLESH CONSUMED in the car today on the way to the spot, not bad...

Looking forward to the new ABYSMAL DAWN early next year.

Not sure if I have mentioned ARCANA COELESTIA here before either, more atmospheric orchestral doomy black metal stuff but a really good listen, check out "Le Mirage de L'Ideal", mad album.

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