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DAMMN system failure- is that all death metal kids do these days is debate shit online? All the crust punks I know are out doing graffiti and drinking and crashing their bikes like real motherfuckers


Please don't hit me with your bike seat.



Inoticedyourgay, I'm wearin a Despise You shirt as I write this and as I grow more and more jealous of you west coast pricks. However I did just see Agent Orange last night and this Saturday I'll be seein some local punks play an early Halloweenie house party/show


Spazz getting down in a public library.


Oh and as a sidenote I gotta say from seein westcoast shows on youtube for bands like this I gotta say you west coast fans sure are tame as fuck. It's like you guys are so used to having great shows all the time that you are dainty at the show.






Manute, what is your witty self getting at???

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not really a whole bay thing. its a gilman thing. for whatever reason that i'll never understand, people dont mosh at gilman, i dont get it either. if you go to other bay venues like burnt ramen and hazmat house, pits crack off hella crazy. the only time people really get down at gilman is when its a reeally good show, and its packed.huge pit for filth,oh and straight edge hXc shows at gilman, catch a roundhouse kick to the back of your head real quick.

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This contest will run all week until Friday - October 15, 2010 .. 6 p.m. EST


Click on any advertiser(non-12oz. paint shop ad) check out what the advertiser has to offer and while you are there

Take a screen grab on any page within the advertisers site and get 2 free weeks.

Each screen grab has to be from a different advertiser per day, you can only submit 2 screen grab ads per day, giving you 1 free month a day you participate. Thats 4 months if you send in 2 submissions a day until Friday.



Send me your screen grabs via Private message, we will update your account nightly. Please make sure you submit correctly, we will not reply back to submissions that are wrong.


DON'T send us your old screen shots from previous contests. We have them saved and will reference back to avoid schemers. We also know what ads are running, some have ended and some new ones have been dropped into rotation....




This contest will run all week until Friday - October 15, 2010 .. 6 p.m. EST




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