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Ulver...............she is staying pretty trv kvlt guys.


Did you ever have a Scandinavian boyfriend?






no. i listened to deicide, neurosis and cryptopsy in high school and it kinda went from there..



ive been into asunder and wolves in the throne room lately. but thats like a whole other ball game.


and im always really partial to ludicra...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwAyc-yVDiw




but fuck dating scandinavian dudes.


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i saw em with symphony X also, but not sentenced. i forgot who the other band was now..

shit i cant remember for the life of me who played with them

but i guess it doesnt matter at all because they destroyed



the only other power metal show ive been to was Sonata Arctica & Powerglove


Powerglove was awesome because they dressed all nintendo and shit it was hilarious

Im not that into sonata, but they had a fucking HUGE epic wolf howling in the moon in the forest

backdrop thing behind them that was amazing


oh and i saw TYR that shit was great lol

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i saw sonata arctica a different time. i don't remember who played with them.


i've been to a few power shows. EDGUY was awesome live, highly recommend if you get the opportunity. of course MAIDEN. i actually really enjoyed dragonforce the first time i saw them (right before inhuman rampage came out, still hipster filled crowd, but was good). ICED EARTH is amazing live. w/ either singer. and if you want to call ManOwaR power metal, those dudes are great if for nothing more than the novelty of seeing eric adams take himself seriously for the whole show.

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Missed an opportunity to see Blind Guardian which I still kinda regret. Honestly I can't stand 90% of Pm. However let me get back on track with what I'm listening to...oh and I get to see IMMOLATION AND VADER in August!


This one's a gem



It's too bad these guys are not around anymore. Another closet classic


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Yeah brah, they were big fans of ICP. Where did you think they got the face paint idea from?? :lol:


On a serious note,


I'm not usually into technical thrash but a friend of mine is and he introduced me to these guys a few months back. Sounded better live, but that's when I first heard 'em.








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I saw Vader last april System, they were fuckin awesome - but Vogg was touring with them and I have a huge boner for him (no homo its strictly guitar hero worship!!) and with Immolation you're in for an awesome show /yesjealous

extra cool points for me, me and Vogg were wearing the same tshirt at that show


Also Fist, sorry dude, Maiden is definitely NOT powermetal and you are insulting them by calling them that

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i've had this argument before, and i don't really care.


simply calling them metal or heavy metal doesn't play to the fact that practically every power band's #1 influence is maiden. just saying.


thats sort of the point, but yeah, won't go there. I do agree they are the influence though.


some new Inveracity (brutal dm from Greece)

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