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Fuckin got'm

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I never knew Cannibal Corpse as a techdeath band dawg...


Zoes that vidja sold me but, I'm not sure it would have the same persuasion with others hahaha.


I would consider Pat Obrien, Alex Webster and Rob Barret tech musicians.

exhibit A:

exhibit B:



Obrien wrote the first song, and Barret wrote the second one and Alex Webster writes 95% of corpses songs, if they had a decent drummer corpse would still be at the top of the game. Only reason paul still gets a pass is cause he's an OG member in my opinion.

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the industry has come up with the term "death core" for bands like suicide silence, jfac, whitechapel, veil of maya, the devil wears prada, and all that crap.


I hate that word and "genre" I guess you would call it as it is 100% suck and there is no win to be found anywhere within it.


metalcore can be good, although its not my cup of tea, I don't hate all of it.


and yes, I would agree with you, this type of shit is definitely watering down metal.

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April is the month of metal here apparently!


High on Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra

Weedeater, BlackTusk

Sonata Arctica and Powerglove (lol)

Corpse and Skeletonwitch

Lightning Swords of Death



next month is gonna be a good time =)

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Definitely go to the Weedeater show. They're coming here with Gates of Slumber and Black Tusk as well. April-May is lookin good for shows over here too.


Snoop Dogg(unrelated haha)

Capitalist Casualties/Fang/Verbal Abuse

Fuck The Facts




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hahaha yea i know of them.


usually at a show like that its a bunch of kids dressed up like gandalf and shit.


they dont mosh, they just clap their hands above their heads


i guess when they rolled to determine their moshing skills the dice were not in their favor

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