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Gnes 37

best way to smoke a water pipe

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I dont understand why this thread is closed it contains no reference to smoking weed at smoke shops say only for tobbaco use so im reposting it in favor sorry seeking



originally posted by EssAyEmEe3

with a few word changes



Alright, I know alot of people on here are straight-edge, and alot just don't smoke the shit, so I understand the bottle of crap I'm opening and I know I'm going to get some stupid replys, however, That out of the way. How do YOU like to set up your waterpipe before smoking? So far I've tried a few various things with mixed results.


First of all, the failsafe, the goto: Crushed Ice/Water. The combination that never fails to give you a hell of a hit, and make it hit easier.


Now, some things I've tried: once we decided to put abit of lemonade in the bong. Added some lemon flavor, and didn't really affect the hit that much(atleast from my veiw.).


The other one I've tried, And I Cant pin-point who told me this, but someone told me to put About quater capful of scope mixed in with the water. Said it would "make it hit smoother". So I wanted to try it, but we didn't have scope. I substituted listerine....BIG FUCKING Mistake. It inhibited my ability to take a hit after completely filling the chamber. Infact, even the tiniest hit I got hit me like a fucking gunshot to the chest. I still want to try scope just to see if theres a difference, but I do not reccomend Listerine unless you want to waste more smoke than inhale it.

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im sorry that you dont get why i closed it, but unfortunitly it isnt up to you. make your own site, then you can play god and make decisions.

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