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MY JOb and how it has helped me find some nice spaces to paint

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HEllo remeber me DESIRED, im here with some info for those intrested in finding a paying job which can also allow u 2 find tight spaces 2 paint . Heres some history for yah ,About 2 weeks ago I was dead broke-no food, no paint, no job then luckly my friend " the Beat boxer in the Amanda Marshall commerical" told me he needed someone 2 help him roof. I jumped 2 to chance not knowing what I would be getting my self into- but 2 my surprise I was literally able 2 see everythings from a new perspective. I have learned how 2 climb up a building by using specific technics used by some roofers who can not access by stairs/ladder. I have learned how 2 open up the locked hatch on top of the roof(which allows u to enter the inside). I get to c many key alley ways where ppl can paint killer peaces and yet be safe.............and some times I drop alittle stuff here and there in those areas. Many of these areas have some nice walls to paint peices on 2




ps from doing roofing I got a nice tan, better physic and get to scope nice gals.

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Basically roofing conisits of applying new protective material to the ceiling of a building to yeild ware and tare. These materials range depending upon the structer for houses ( ranges alot- I dont usually do them )its usually shingles with an under layer of tar sheets which lay on top of the wood. For Commerical roofing aka (flat roofs ) (the work I do) there are many more steps: taken taking of the old protective crap ,flattening the gravel under it, laying downboards, screw'm in apply tar sheets screw'm in paint the tar sheets if they dont have the grit stuff on it(paints used to protect the tar from UV rays).

thats Roofing in a nut shell


the jobs usually fun-get to travel allot when doing Commerical,meet new ppl -some times even ceos but that doesnt matter when your on the job,the pays good -get payed by hours or buy sq feet. Sq is better.

But they both pay well. The more experience u have the more $ u make. Starting wages are like $9 -10 thats for most Comp. after a yr u can possiblely make 20 an hr depending upon experince....................



one the job u cant think of it as work..or else u will kill your self..........ummmmmmmm




The weather on the roof is usually double the intensity from on the ground so if yah burn wear SScreen. Always grab lots of water your body needs it. OH anotherthing most bosses let u take many breaks because the job gets tiring some days due 2 heat.


and yes roofing is safe






have fun rolling it and burning it ...........The tar sheets

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So have you become a complete white trash drunk yet????????you willlll!



alot of my boys are in to roofing TOUGHHHHHH job hats off tou ya buddie don't make that a life plan if you get my drift!

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