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shameless self promotion

Anger Management Tour

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I forgot to mention to everyone..


Well i got tickets from a friend the other night to go to see this whole shindig...

I was pretty hyped to see the executioners and ludacris, just cause i really like them both, even though im not a very big fan...


Anyways it was a fucking awesome concert. Eminem killed shit, and even though i hate him, he did put on a damn good show..


Exzibit was pretty fucking buck wild too, i missed alot of papa roach while getting beer, they sounded good when i saw em though..


Anyways, it was worth the 4 hour drive to buffalo, new york to meet my boy and see this thing..


I got a ludacris t shirt. Has the album cover on the front.

"Move bitch, get out the way!" is on the back...


Im pimpin...go see the tour if you can..Ill be at the detroit show...

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sounds cool. i dont especially dig those groups but i like going to concerts as long as its something you can dance to and decent. xzibits cool. i saw him in concert in humboldt when i lived there. defari was dope live. the visionaries opened up for the concert. they killed shit. blackalicious played here last night but im too broke to go out. im a poor student. ill be wreaping(sp) the benefits soon though.




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shameless,you ass cracker,why didnt you say you was going? i went to the up in smoke concert like last year or whatever when it came to detroit,i have to ssay it was a good show except eminem,he fucking sucks live!!! but ill roll up to detroit with ya if ya want when the concert comess there in sept...peace

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