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toronto broads vs montreal broads

Guest Jan Ulrich

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actuakly i jus met this bitch from toronto when i was in cape cod. the bitch was fine and i was about 2 minutes away from fukin her on the beach , then the fuckin cops rolled up and we had to leave the beach.

anyways she wasnt stuck up at all. i talked to her for a while but we kinda lost contact i was supposed to drive up there and stay wit her but i jus got my phone bill and it was like $200 so i dont think ill be callin her anymore.

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how come you guys keep talking about this? toronto cant hold a candle to montreal and thats just simply the way it is. you can have all the home town pride you want, but the fact is, monteal = hot as fuck.



i dont think they were from toronto, although they might have been. i didnt chat with them too much, that was you guys. i got pictures of charlie for you though... she was fine man...

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that shit was funny as hell. i hate bitches who think they need to act stuck up. especially when i wouldnt even touch em with a ten foot poll (yes, im referring to my cock). theres bitches around sydney too. a lot of the hot ones are cool as fuck, but you got some nasty hoes who act like they wouldnt give ME the time of day. BITCH, youre not even close to par! i think its because they know theyre mutant bitches and try and compensate by acting hot. i see some gross girls walking around with tight ass clothes thinkin theyre fuckin models. they got these supre tight pants on, theyve got no ass, a gut that hangs over their belt, and fat bulging out the sides where their hips should be. when i was in thailand there was a whole college class from montreal staying there and there were some fine pieces of ass. they were all chill as fuck too. gotta check that place out sometime...

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Yesss...I love the french women, especially Montreal women. They nasty. I like to taste the assholes of french women then I fuck them in the ass...oh so nasty. Toronto women bore me, look at me, I'm bored. The little lady with yellow shorts, yes that ass very juicy like my sausage. She look nasty. Ferocious...yes..nasty too yes. I make movies with my good friend Buttman. We bang nasty girls in the ass. We went to Montreal once. Buy my movie!



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Guest trampled
Originally posted by --zeSto--


Quebec City also has some VERY nice stuff going on.

(but I think you're right about edmonton)


dude, you're totally right, unless you want a girl who works at "the mall" or is fat and thinks she's hot, the girls are busted here. Don't get me wrong there's some hot ones here but the city is so lame the all go for ginos and CFL players

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as much as I hate to admit it toronto females are fucking assholes (most of them :) ) People in toronto in general are usually fucking assholes....but as far as the actual city goes I love toronto. Montreal is too small for me. Im a big city girl. And as far as graff goes.. Montreal kids get up with bombing and roll downs but no one can fuck with the quality productions and burners in Toronto!

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