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james viso

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Originally posted by REDHILLBOYS

AGAIN FUCKYOU BITCH YOU AINT SHIT.....HEY BUT AINT YOU THE ONE AlwaysBitchingOut VeryEasily HA ..plus if we battle you should practice your doldoes a little bit more punk....HAWAII REPRESENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 TE ASK DISeptaKons .Aloha State Kings

Just keepin it real Gangsta......you couldnt deal with my game Ill crack them ankles and flush it on ya...............
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some fuck head in the corner's getting to me

talkin bout the way i look and smell

i guess he doesn't know that i'm the outlaw scumfuck

someone ought to warn him before i knock him straight to hell

because everybody knows that i'm a scumbag

i like sluts and whores and i don't care

you can say just what you want to say about me

but i hear you i just might go knock you off your chair

i like to drink whiskey by the gallon

i live on peanut butter sandwiches i don't care

i spent some nights in jail in this whole country

everybody hates me and i just don't care

cause everybody knows that i'm a scumbag

-GG Allin outlaw scumfuck RIP

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Above You!


Originally posted by AbovE

I have not seen a single peice of good work from you, you live in Hawaii and lets leave it at that.

ABOVE would BURN you !!!!!!!!

Easily Destroying Atak!:crazy:

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