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boogie hands

for those of you that still use film and people i ride the nuts of.....

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this place is great, once you get your pics developed they email you the entire roll so basically you have an account with every roll you deleloped with them alread on the internet...transfer to an image hosting site and your set...they also send you about 3 rolls of film free each time you develop with them and they charge about the same as revco or anywhere else...give them a try and thank me later...


left nut


i usually put a stamp of the writers name a website on all my flicks before i post them...i went to europe and took this....really

right nut


i couldnt find a flick of his throw (so to speak) which is actually what i ride him for......anyhoo......stolen





brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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i don't trust the mail, its not that i don't trust them to look through my shit. its that i'm afraid they will lose it in the mail.


nice flicks btw.


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Guest fr8lover

seattle photo works is GREAT


get prints, slides and they have digital flix already on your own personal website...


its slow to get the flix online sometimes though, eh boogie?

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river's needs to get some ass, but anyway i use york photo. it's through the mail. i have never had any problems with them and a roll of 24 pics cost 3$ and some change. the only problem is you have to wait a week for the pics. they don't do the online thing



the website sucks they usually send you stuff in the mail



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