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MIAMI--->write ups

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Guest HOST18 DYM

Again.. it looks like Tenz is doing it up out there...

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OILER is fuckin sick...........and i have some of those stickers dont remember where they came from though!!!!!

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First off you gotta understand the diffrence between all the other citys .. Miami is broad , a total torrist spot. Everything has to look nice and clean and it has to look calm and quite.It has to to look clean so some fam from germany can say they want to move here ,when you hit shit on the highway .. it brings value down , when they install lightpoles on streets, in suburb houses that have been there for years with normal lights and now they put the hexon "yellow" lights so theres no shadow casted for criminals .. thats bringin the value down on that street. They do it cause of us.haha.. Oh and you miami heads wanna know what im talkin about .. check out sunset drive.. New Lights , and they were put in by me. I used to graff , a quiter but i still notice shit..Were gettin orders to changed bulbs all over..FUCK IT .. IF YOUR A WRITER IN MIAMI .. YOUR GETTIN NOTICED TODAY...




OIL FSTVDME whatever else he throws up

Chisme .. everybody knows chisme.

Zink , still has tops to bottom runnin all over the hood

so does WEVE ZINK and INFO oh yea,TWICE TOO,freethat nigga.

AOKs still have bombs runnin

COFUKQ wreckin the fr8 spot

wordup to elite and we know you can take it to elote.

We got 317 hittin signs , wordup on that nigga. Fills runnin around too..

So does GONZ and SSK..nice trucks couple colors on that shit, props

43K ive seen the dumpsters , nice trucks there owned by my company.

HEINUEDIRT i think those are tags

SO had a spree goin on , Blaze Self Yucca and all..

nice job boys , ive seen the bombs. Ive seen the billboards

BE crew impress's me , they been at it for sometime now. i thought they were kids , but i heard they got bombs in county.NICE

KBTC had there spree with there Droe guy.

He destroyed and did it right , nice job there guy.

Brizoe and Sicks too , i heard sicks is a girl

OK ..im gonna post some ISH ... OneLove

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most of these handstyles are pretty wack thats all i got to say... but every body starts somewhere just keep on droppin bombs, and try to do a few flix everynow and then...

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witty?---uuuh yeah sure---something like that





ADJECTIVE: Inflected forms: wit·ti·er, wit·ti·est

1. Possessing or demonstrating wit in speech or writing; very clever and humorous.

2. Characterized by or having the nature of wit; funny or jocular: a witty saying.

3. Quick to discern and express amusing insights or relationships.

4. Entertainingly and strikingly clever or original in concept, design, or performance: a witty sculpture; witty choreography.


witti·ness —NOUN

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Guest metro-tek

haha sure is getting technically

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