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Ok. Im getting sick and tired of all these threads being posted by comlete morons like non-hetero, cmeup and even too many more to list. Oh no....your dog died. boo hoo. Oh no you cant find fat caps online boo hoo. Oh no hiphop music is being hated on boo hoo.


Personally I type alot of shit but atleast its entertaining. Someone should get trigger happy with the ban button and clean this crap up. I come on here now and see like 5 pages of topics about ravers with videogame addictions and where can i find the latest asepo rocker cd? who cares? ive been happy that the idiots drain all their energy on channel zero and leave the other threads i like to stealth pretty kosher.


whenever i come on here theres a level of "e-cred" that decides if i will read the post or not. if you arent a name i recognize or like to read posts by, than boo hoo for you.



times up.


popgunwar. (the name you trust)

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I agree. I wonder how i waste so much time here and it makes me no money. I figure if i waste probably 10+ hours a week, i should be able to make some money some how. This sight, obviously for writers by writers, has the potential to make money. I definitley agree that people who get the privilage to waste Mr.Ravens dollar should contribute to at least somthing mature, intelligent or entertaining. Way to much stupid shit in this section of the forum, time for progression.

By the way...popgunwar, your psuedoprepism thread was funny.

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